Byron Wesley Down To Three Schools

Former USC guard Byron Wesley will visit Pitt, Oklahoma State and Gonzaga before making a decision on where to transfer, according to CBS Sports.

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    How about San Diego State?……and what happened with UCONN, Scottie?…..

  • UCLA Dynasty

    From the outhouse to the penthouse.

  • Memo to Nubs, Barry, and T-Fail: sorry, your boy DTS put DOWN FOR THE COUNT!!!

    it appears that Commish Silver did not agree with you trOXans that the quotes were taken OUT OF CONTEXT!!!

    sorry boys, but at least you still have CLIVEN!!

    wolfman, please wade in…..

  • LamontRaymond

    I’m starting to feel bad for the guy. Started out with a pretty solid list. Now we’re down to 2 average schools + the Zags? I would have stuck around for the first “real” season of the new administration. But hey, he’s got every right to move around. I would have preferred that USC degree to OK State or Pitt…..not to sound snooty.