4 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. wolfman, you are the Master of the stealth crotch kick…i’m betting most of the Dummies missed your point entirely!!!

    obviously, you are making the point that the trOXans ONLY decent player took one look at the Enfield Administration and decided to beat it!!! this amounts to a crippling indictment of Enfield!!

    what is a recruit to think when the team’s only player with game heads for the hills? ticket to the Titanic anyone??

    wolfman, while the Dummies continue to play with checkers, you are playing 3D Chess!!!

    • Or he’s reporting a piece of information and you are trying to troll it.

    • S bucket, you really are boring. Honestly, don’t you have anything better to do? Plus you stuff is c r a p and ALWAYS the same.

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