More From Roy Hemsley

Here’s more from offensive tackle Roy Hemsley on his commitment to USC:

“I wanted to play at a large school where I could make a difference on the team and also take advantage of all the resources that an institution of that size has to offer. USC’s football program has an amazing legacy of player development and a culture of winning. I look forward to having the opportunity to contribute to that tradition of excellence.”

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  • john wolcott

    Not to go “Wolf” on y’all, but who writes this kid’s material?– Even lawyers make more sense than this canned diatribe.

    • Helen

      I think we found our candidate to take over this blog from Scottie – and I sense some continuity with this kid.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    In other words, the $100 handshakes were awesome.

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      Beats the cheap screw $10 handshake at ucla

  • Makes sense. The kid knows UCLA signed 7 OL’s last season, with numerous returning studs. he had very little chance of playing any time soon for the bruins, whereas he might start for the trOXans immediately.

    Night light!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Does your toy glow in the dark?

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      And NO chance of winning a Championship.

    • B.Miller

      all that talent and still no Pac 12 title, or south title….

  • Rick

    This kid got it right from the start, he says the same thing that all top recruits say… “I want to win a Championship and get maximum exposure while doing it”

    And that’s why he chose USC !

    And he’s right !!

    And he has only been playing football 3yrs, starting 2

    At 6.7, 280lbs now, by the time Roy Roy is in his sophomore year I see him 6.8, 310lbs and ready to start !

    This is a great pick-up for the Trojans and by the end of this season, a solid 4-Star recruit…