A USC APR Thought

USC tied for 10th in its football APR score. So why are football practices being moved to mornings next season when they were moved back to afternoons after the players’ academic performances noticeably dipped the two seasons Lane Kiffin practiced in the morning?

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  • oneillwatch

    I’m not sure why I’m asking this question, but here goes: So, Scott, is this a rhetorical question that you are putting on the blog to bait the trolls, or are you going to direct your question to the football program and report the answer? P.S. This is a good question: don’t ask it of the people who don’t have the answer.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Seriously…… it would nice if Scottie actually did his JOB, for once, and picked up the phone to ask Haden and/or Sark directly…… Wolfie is so passive aggressive….

      • TrojanFan3.0

        It must suck to be Scott Wolf

      • ThaiMex

        This is just more of the same….Blame it on the NCAA because they’re just jealous they aren’t TORGANS!…..Incidentally…must be those low life’s over in Westwood who have manufactured this b.s…..How else do you explain Football APR…. UCLA being ranked 14th Nationally, while the BRAIN SURGEONS at So Cal ranked at TWO-HUNDRED-ONE (201)????????
        I know for shuuuurrrrrrr those SPECIAL ADMITS (w/ those dreaded character issues) have nothing to do with it.
        fit Un you big dummy’s!!!!!!!!

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Look what happened to Oklahoma State… they recently lost one practice per week as a penalty because their Academic Progress Rate score dropped below the NCAA’s minimum standard……


  • Helen

    Wolfian logic strikes yet again.

    Scottie: you state that USC scores have dropped each of the past four years and you state that they dropped the two years Kiffin practiced in the morning. That means they dropped the two years USC practiced in the afternoons. Based on this admittedly small sample size – there is no correlation!

    Perhaps the cause is more complex than when they practice?

    • SUCC de trop

      Three new SUCC FB excuses: the small sample size excuse; the sorry there is no corelation excuse; and, the perhaps the cause is more complex excuse. I’m thinking UCLA scored 38 points higher because they just use a 80 yard FB practice field.

      • Helen

        Don’t let mathematics get in your way – from someone who thinks 80 yards is the same as 100 yards.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          Don’t forget that SUCC tells his wife that he is 10 inches…..

          • TrojanFan3.0

            That’s why his nose is so big.

        • SUCC de trop

          Helen, as you well know, the Sark/SUCC #1 offense, with K at its control, could not score a single TD during SUCC’s two-hand touch spring FB game using a short sixty yard field.

        • Toejam For Life

          60 yards isn’t the same as 100 yards and you still can’t score!

      • Internal Monologue

        I wonder if Sucker has ever taken a Math course?

  • Sweeeeeet Scooopin’, wolfman!!!

    of course i expect the trOXans to launch juvenile attacks against you rather than holding O’Hannen or the faulty responsible.

    but it’s all the wolfman’s fault for being a crack reporter!!

    • Internal Monologue

      I wonder if Scott Wolf – the crack reporter, is related to Rob Ford – the crack-smoking mayor?

    • TrojanFan3.0

      LAME!!!!! Another slow day around the showers?

  • improving in APR, the rest of the NCAA is.

    but continue to decline, the troxans do.

    expectations are being lowered, i sense.

    continuing to court disaster, Sith Lord Haden does.

    this loss of focus, the Bruins rise is creating, hmmm?

    a new significance, the term Dummy now has!

    herh herh herh!


      Yoda will you be in the new Star Wars movie? I heard they are bringing back Han Solo and Mr. Spock and all the original characters.

      • You bet your asss I will.

        Herh herh herh!

  • ProbationU

    APR? Who cares about APR? Scotty, this is SC baby! We are all about winning Heismans and National Championships. This crap about APR is for those nerds at Stanford and the P U $ $ y liberals at UCLA. APR is a conversation topic at cocktail parties for Pat Haden.

    Scotty boy, if you are an example of our Journalism School at SC, we should just continue to focus on football. As long as we do well enough to keep above the bare minimum that is just fine with me, Scotty. We don’t need these kids to graduate, we just need them to beat UCLA and ND. Diplomas are for sissies.

    • SUCC de Trope

      ProbationU nails an edgy post. Way to go.

  • Troy Rod

    Southern California State is what we have become. I can live with that. Good to see bruin fans active and well in the forum world. Funny how winning changes everything.

  • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

    No surprise here. UCLA superior in every way. Academics. Football. Basketball. Go Lady Trojans Lacrosse!