USC-Alabama Question

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Should USC alter its schedule to play Alabama in 2016?
Yes, it’s a program-defining game   No, the schedule is set and USC loses home game   Don’t know     

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  • rusoviet

    Seems AL is trying to get its ‘mojo’ back after last season’s catastrophic loss to in-sate rival Auburn and then that shellacking at the hands of OK. One wonders if Sabin will still be there ‘and’…

    …is this Lane Kiffin’s revenge kicking in?

  • Capitol Poll, wolfman!!

    while other “journalists” flounder around aimlessly, led around by the nose by rabid zealots, YOU compile mountains of empirical data to analyze and draw conclusions from!!

    while your scientific APPROACH probably confuses most of your trOXan readers, to the rest of us, it represents yet ANOTHER reason your blog is El NUMERO UNO!!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      The poor foreskin……ouch!!!!!!

    • Internal Monologue

      I wonder if he called Scott Wolf Captain Pollman?

  • Tom Oday

    Anybody…who is USC’s third OOC game in 2016? Notre Dame, New Mexico and ???