USC Tailback Ty Isaac To Transfer

Sophomore Ty Isaac has decided to transfer to move closer to his home in Illinois, where his mother is having health issues. The move was first reported by Isaac had several factors against him in his year at USC. He was often injured and not as quick or fast as the backs ahead of him. He was also not happy last year when Kennedy Pola was fired as running backs coach.

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  • Independent_George

    It was kind of telling that during spring practice Pinner (a FB under Kiffin) and a walk-on got more media shout-outs from the coaches than Isaac.

    • Helen

      Well Isaac was injured in the Spring so I guess that might explain it.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Good luck, Ty…..and our best wishes to your mother for a speedy recovery…..

    • snarfy

      Well said

  • Ray Reyes

    Wish him and his family the best. FIGHT ON!

  • Helen

    Scottie tries to manufacture some reasons why Ty Isaac is transferring, but usc football dot com states “His mother’s health is the only reason he left ‘SC.” And, as usual, the Wolfian logic is riddled with holes.

    Looks like ND just picked up another quality USC back.

    • Independent_George

      I am going to agree with Scottie on this. If he were the number one RB, or even No. 1A in the rotation, sick mom or not, he is staying.

      But he was buried in the depth chart behind Allen, Madden and Davis. DJ Morgan might jump above him, and one both Pinner and one of the walk-ons got media shout-outs from the coaches..

      I get the impression that he liked USC, just that since he wasn’t going play a lot, might as well move home. Mom probably does have health issues. It is a nice, non-controversial way to say good-bye. Good luck to him.

      • Helen

        So by transferring Isaac will be less injury prone?

        So by transferring Isaac will be faster than other running backs?

        So by transferring Isaac will be reunited with Kennedy Pola?

        You and Scottie are basically calling Isaac a quitter. Wah, wah, I don’t get to start as a sophomore so I will transfer. Give the kid more credit than that. He had 40 carries as a true freshman and that puts him ahead of the curve for 90 percent of the other freshman running backs in college. With Redd leaving Isaac would have picked up those extra carries and had a chance to get better.

        But you’re missing the point: Scottie never interviewed Isaac yet gives the impression these are the real reasons he is leaving. Where usc football dot com did interview Isaac and includes some quotes from him and it is clear it is only based on his mother’s health. It’s called Journalism.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          And I am sure that none of the other RB’s were happy about Pola’s dismissal, but welcome to the real world….does Scottie ever interview anyone (and lame post practice videos and post game one liners don’t count as an “interview”)?….

        • Independent_George

          Scottie is right with this one. It’s also called not taking press releases at face value.

          Everyone cites health, It is the only way to keep your eligibility. Prater did it and look, he is eligible immediately.

          Isaac got carries after Redd, Davis and Madden were hurt.

          Then he got hurt himself.

          But be real, Helen. James Toland, a walk-on, got quality carries during the spring. Did well enough during a scrimmage for Sark to name drop him. Pinner and Vainuku were seeing carries as a “big back”, and Pinner is being groomed as a special situation back Allen, Madden and Davis were all above him on the depth chart. Sark prefers a one-back offense. Isaac didn’t practice during the spring, got a few carries during the spring game, got hurt, then was carried off the field.

          It was all there in black and white. It is best for everyone, Isaac and USC.

          He is as much as a”quitter as Broderick Green, who got home sick and had a good career at Arkansas.

          Isaac won’t go to ND. He isn’t even as good as Carlisle, who wasn’t even on the top three on the depth chart after ND’s spring game. Don’t know if he is hurt or not.

          Look for Illinois, NU, Northern Illinois or Purdue.

          • UCLA Bleauz

            And don’t forget Emmanuel Moody transferring to the University of Florida, due to our logjam at RB at the time…..then we had a rash of injuries which would have given him a golden opportunity to shine….. there are no guarantees…..Respectfully, I like Ty Isaac better than Amir Carlisle, but then again, I prefer redheads……

          • Internal Monologue

            I wonder if IG realizes the story was not written off a press release, but Chris Swanson actually interviewed Ty Isaac?

        • marvgoux1

          Some kids get frustrated with the way things go their freshman year and combined with the natural homesickness end up transfering out.

  • Gary Klein

    Lots of people were sad to see Pola go. That was 2 seasons ago and I could only wonder why Scott is bringing it up now.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      . just to be inflammatory with his blog entry…. nothing new….

  • UCLA Bleauz

    I wonder if Illinois, NIU or Northwestern are in his future?…..

  • Internal Monologue

    I wonder if Scott’s hemorrhoids are acting up again?

  • Marcus Smith

    I would transfer to if this coach was hired. He is a power back and a good one. This new offence is not atractive to power a back. Big 10 here he comes! Running Backs come to USC because of the great tradition. It is spoiled now Sark was a bad Hire!

    • Independent_George

      Easy, son.

      Bishop Sankey was the first RB taken in the draft. He replaced Chris Polk who was not drafted yet has been on an NFL roster for two years.

      Meanwhile, there are no USC RBs in the NFL, except for Reggie Bush (who was drafted 7 years ago) and Joe McKnight (who was out of football all of last year) on an NFL roster, and no USC all-american RBs since Bush and Lendale White.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    The guy lost his will to compete.

  • Sportsblab Jones

    I’m working on a theory to tie this to Kiffin. Scotty, help me out?

    • WELL!!! Looky-Looky!!! guess who’s back???

      as i recall, you claimed you were through with this blog!!

      BUT, as the Cadre predicted, like all the others who claim they’re quitting the wolfman, just when you thought you were out, he PULLS YOU BACK IN!!!!
      in case you forgot (chortle):

      Sportsblab Jones • 2 months ago
      I can’t take these Kiffin posts any more. My new blog philosophy is going to be “anything but Scott Wolf.” No fan polls. No blurry videos. No man boobs. No Kiffin crush.see more 2 Voting has changed. Learn more

      Charlie Bucket Sportsblab Jones • 2 months ago
      Bah! You’ll be back!!
      You’re all jibber jabber like the rest!! Trash wolfman’s blog all you want, but you can’t QUIT the wolfman!!!!
      And the Cadre will be waiting for your return…

      • Sportsblab Jones

        You’re right, I can’t quit. It’s like snorting meth only less wholesome.

  • ThaiMex

    The kid will probably end up at Notre Dame….it’s close to home, it’s where he originally wanted to go before being sold a bunch of bull. Back when the kid was being recruited, Paralegal said the kid would be sold on So Cal’s adkademiks, “reputation” (hahahahaha), and tradition (of instability). The kids head was spinning after the Great UNFINISHED BUSINESS season. Listening to Goat Boy mumble his way thru a couple of seasons, and now having to deal with Six Win Sarkesian was probably too much for the fine young man to handle.
    He should have stayed home originally…
    Fit Un young man!