USC Morning Buzz: On Top Of Everything Else An Alabama Game Entails

KIFFIN.ALABAMAA USC-Alabama game in 2016 could pit Lane Kiffin against his former school. Could he last there for three seasons? Are there really no college teams dumb enough to hire him as head coach again?

On more serious matters, what would USC have to pay New Mexico to back out of its 2016 game at the Coliseum? They are the likely losers in this deal if the Trojans’ schedule is already full and USC wants this game.

As I noted even last week, the way USC’s schedule is faltering compared to UCLA in future marquee opponents, an Alabama game seems a must.

USC: BYU, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Texas
UCLA: Michigan, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Texas A&M, Texas

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  • 10 Commandments

    Let’s continue to remind Scooter that Notre Dame is every year so “(3)” is more fair. Also, Rutgers sux. Last I checked 6 is still greater than 5.
    If USC were to schedule Alabama would Scooter STFU? He may but his ghost trolls would still come here to post.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Wolfie would be reminding us Kiffin for the next 3 years…….provided that he lasts there for 3 seasons, per Scooter…..

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Rutgers QB (transfer from Minnesota) got arrested/dismissed BEFORE he even took a snap for Rutgers for engaging in a bar room brawl…….pretty impressive…the amount of TV and sponsorship revenue that an Alabama-USC matchup would bring would be significant… heck, I would guess that they might even kick in a few bucks to pay off New Mexico to back out of the game…and I would hardly call them “losers”, Scottie…and I see that you are now clearly in “I told ya so” mode….”as I noted last week…..” sheesh!…. don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back!!!!!

  • Internal Monologue

    I wonder if Scott Wolf can last at the Daily News until 2016?


      I think he’s tenured. It’s the only explanation…

  • Internal Monologue

    I wonder why Scott Wolf thinks USC is competing with UCLA for strength of schedule king?

    • Mike 70

      Since when do we care what ucla’s schedule is? Good Lord, you are awful Wolf, Bucket, ThaiMex or whatever you go around masquerading as.

  • B-rad

    I hope it happens. I can’t believe Alabama would take that game. USC vs the SEC in this century has not gone well for the SEC. The start of the USC run was going into Auburn (pre season #1) and putting them in their place. That led to a few years of really embarrassing losses for the SEC to the trojans. This doesn’t sound like a Saban decision. Maybe he’s listening too much to Kiffin. In terms of the quality of schedule, it’s really hard to know how good these teams will be in the future. At least with a Michigan, a Texas, or a Tennessee it’s conceivable that they could rebound in a few years even if they’re terrible right now. Texas A&M? We’ll see what Sumlin can do–seems like a great coach, but I’d like to see how they do without Manziel and Evans. BYU hardly seems like a threat to be a national title contender, but they’re consistently lurking in the top 25. Rutgers? Wow. Too bad West Virginia isn’t on either list–Wolf would add them too. He seems to love the former Big East teams. And yet, no mention of Boston College or Fresno State? Fresno State beat Rutgers last year and BC historically has dominated Rutgers. Rutgers? LOL

    • Cheap seats

      Or it might actually be the SEC or BAMA from buying into the hype that they’re that much better than the rest of the nation?

  • Independent_George

    BYU is a better program than Rutgers. Michigan nothing but a name. The recruiting base is dwindling (Michigan is rapidly losing population). tOSU is the top pr0gram in the Big 10, bar none. Wisconsin is a stronger program, and so will be Penn State once sanctions are over. A Butch Jones Tennessee program will be stronger than Michigan soon enough.

    A&M cancelled the series with USC. You wish Scooter would bother with facts, but I guess you can’t expect the moon.

  • Memo to Cadre: please be cognizant of the fact we are witnessing a remarkable chapter in Southern Cal’s decline. their humble and lovable Beat Reporter, the wolfman, CONTINUES to shape Southern Cal policy on a whole CONSTELLATION of subjects, from players numbers, to coaching changes, and now, even the Schedule!!

    it is NO coinky-dink that the wolfman targeted Kiff, Sark’s bizarre obsession with players’ numbers, and the weak schedule….and we saw immediate and dramatic changes made by HH and or Pat O’Hadden!!!

    simply ASTONISHING!!!

    wolfman, you are not only wagging the dog, you’re wagging the whole KENNEL!!!!


    • Violet

      So which is it Jack-Wagon, Remarkable or Astonishing?

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Shhhhhhh…. please permit him to bask in this brief moment of hyperbole……..

      • i think you are both remarkable AND astonishing.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Why don’t you wag THIS?……….

      • Cheap seats

        Everyone should just stop feeding him and his screen names already. You can only imagine how much self esteem someone has to be trolling behind the safety of his keyboard.

        ANY response is the highlight of his day. It makes up for his lack of interaction offline.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          Very true… it just clutters up the comments…. I will refrain from feeding him, if you refrain….Deal?

          • Cheap seats

            I stopped a few days ago. I’ll reply to them if there’s actually content and football being discussed in a mature manner.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Alabama/Saban is apparently “dumb enough” to hire Kiffin. Yet Gar ga mel is stuck writing horse $hit for a 4th rate outlet in a dying industry, and is routinely mocked. Who is the really dummy?

    • you’re so flagged.

      • UCLA Bleauz


      • ThaiMex

        “The Flag Is Up!!!!”
        fit Un!