Coaching Jobs:

    4. USC

    Pros: The USC coaching staff has the ability to stock its roster with elite talent without ever having to jump on a plane. The program has a rich tradition, but it doesn’t live in the past; the Trojans were dominant in the 2000s, winning seven straight Pac-10 titles (2002-08) and two national championships.

    Cons: USC is the top job in L.A., but the city does have another program with tremendous potential. It doesn’t take much of a dip to lose your status as the No. 1 program in your own town.

    Final Verdict: If you’re a West Coast guy, coaching the Trojans is as good as it gets. It’s the best job in the Pac-12 and you are in the most fertile recruiting area in the country.

    18. UCLA

    Pros: UCLA shares the same built-in recruiting advantages as its cross-town rival USC. The 2000s were relatively lean, but UCLA won or shared three Pac-10 titles in the 1990s and four in the ‘80s.

    Cons: Life can be tough when you are forced to share a city with one of the elite programs in the nation. And while the Rose Bowl is a beautiful place to play, the facility is 30 miles from campus.

    Final Verdict: The Pac-12 is a very good league, but USC and Oregon are the only programs that have enjoyed sustained success in the past 15 years. The right coach can have this program in contention for conference titles on a consistent basis.

    • what a desperate reach this is….Mora was offered the Texas job, while the Huskies danced in the streets after exchanging 7 win Sark for Peterson!!

      sounds like a post from TEN YEARS AGO!!

      go see if Garrett is available to give you a hug, lil’ guy.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        If anyone would know about desperate reaches, it would be you……

      • TrojanFamily

        You are such a troll that you instinctively attack a cut and paste repost. I’m guessing if Nobs posted that Willie Wonka was a good movie, you’d attack him as well.
        The point of the post is quite valid–USC has history and a beautiful stadium right off campus. UCLA has location, a prettier campus, but plays 30 miles away and less history. Recently (as in the last 15 years), USC has dominated for 11-12 of them. “the right coach can have this program in contention for conference titles on a consistent basis.” What do you disagree about that post? If Mora is the right coach, then he will. Neuheisel and Dorrell were not the right coach and did not. But even a bad coach like Kiffin had the program over .500 every year. That is because of the institutional advantages for football USC has. bad coaches at UCLA see the team drop to 4-8.
        Yes USC is the best coaching job in the Pac-12. (Add to that sentiment in the post that USC tends to pay its coaches well above the rest of the conference and is usually the highest paid). In fact, failing at USC is worse than failing at other places BECAUSE of the built-in advantages. What’s funny is, your hero Wolf has been making this point for years. Yet because NOBS reposts an article on here, you attack it. Had Wolf made it, you would need a moist towelette.
        You notice the post is not about who holds the job–it is about the program and the quality of the job itself. Wait, no you didn’t, because your Pavlovian response to anything posted here is to troll.
        Like your buddy SUCC, you should read more and post less. And no, posting as one of your dozen fake IDs doesn’t count as posting less.

        • looks like i hit pay dirt.

          • Mike 70

            the truth hurts doesn’t it little guy?

        • SUCC de Trope

          Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, Ninety-nine bottles of beer; take one down, pass it around, Ninety-eight bottles of beer on wall. Take it TF.

          • Mike 70

            did you learn that at your JC?

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        Oh REALLY? Prove it. If he was, he was too CHICKEN to go to a top notch program and HAVE to win. No, instead he stays with a second rate program with low expectations AND takes all their dummy money.

        • SUCC de Trope

          Nobs, did Sark get a chance to turn the Tixis job down?

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Lessa is a chicken. He’d rather be a big fish in a small pond (ucla) than go to Texas and wash Mack Brown’s car. Oh, that’s right, you & bucket take care of that.

          • SUCC de Trope

            Once again Nobs, did Sark turn down the Tixis job down? Quit yapping and yay or nay my question. Or is it Sark, the UDub reject, wasn’t in the Tixis HC employment loop and never considered. Has the spring practice #1 Sark offensive offense scored a TD yet.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Reject? Sure Sark rejected UW. Don’t dodge the subject. Mora is CHICKEN and doesn’t want to hit the big time….like you.

          • mark

            Sark turned down the head coaching position for the Oakland Raiders.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Wanted a better job with high expectations: USC

            Cluck Cluck Cluck

    • Toejam For Life

      You must be referring to Santa Clara winning two National Championships because it wasn’t Southern Cal!

      Unless UCLA is competing against itself, who is UCLA sharing the city with? It definitely isn’t Southern Cal with 7 Win Sarkiffen!

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        You’re laughable. It’s from independent reporting service. Dream On!

    • SUCC de Trope

      Yes, for sustained success SUCC’s 2012 “Unfinished Bidness” season and final record is unmatched in NCAA Div-1 FB history. Cue the Kazoo.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        When is the last time anyone saw a kazoo, let alone played one?

  • john wolcott

    Good Golly Miss Molly, there are 3 1/2 months before the season begins, an entire summer ahead of you, the longest days of the year, bikinis on the beach, and vacations for many of you.

    So give the SC-SUCLA ‘who is the greatest’ debate a rest until the games begin

    • SUCC de Trope

      JW you have an excellant point. I’ve never claimed UCLA was the greatest nor will I. However, I do think UCLA is a better University than SUCC.