What’s Happened To USC’s Schedule?

shirtThis is why I feel USC needs the Alabama game. Pete Carroll played at Auburn (2003), at Arkansas (2005), at Nebraska (2007), at Ohio State (2009) and Virginia Tech on a neutral field (2004).

Who has USC played in recent years? Minnesota. Syracuse? Virginia? This is not a probation-related issue because schedules get made in advance. But the schedule’s been lousy lately and the only marquee games in the next 10 years are Tennessee and Texas.

USC used to be known for its schedule and could throw it in the face of SEC teams. But there’s been a real quality dropoff lately.

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  • it’s called NO GUTS, wolfman, since no trOXan has the GUTS to admit it, as usual the CADRE has to do the dirty work.

    keep oooooooon waggin’ wolfman!!!

    • Internal Monologue

      I wonder if cleaning the toilets is considered dirty work?

      • Stealing material from T-Fail???

        Now I’ve seen EVERYTHING!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      It must suck not to have any friends

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    I still can’t figure out why Gar ga mel continues to waste time with this blog instead of being AD.

  • jetman624


  • Go Tama

    Alabama has nothing to gain by playing USC, they can play top 10 teams week in and week out in the SEC.

    • B-rad

      Week in and week out? Georgia State, Chatanooga, Colorado State, and Virginia Tech. Not exactly Top 10. Oh, you must mean just the scheduled conference games: TA&M, Ole Miss, kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU, and Mississippi State. Whoops, not exactly a top 10 final ranking team in any of those weeks. Ok, so what’s left of their “Week in and Week out” schedule? Auburn. And they lost. Oh, they did play a top 10 Oklahoma in the bowl game. And they lost. So, I guess if you mean losing to 2 top 10 teams for the last games representing “Week in and week out”, then ok.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Well done, B-rad……..these trolls were spare themselves the embarrassment if they would simply do a little research before posting….

      • Go Tama

        They still have nothing to gain by playing USC.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          So, then tell us, Yo Mama…..What exactly did Alabama have to gain by playing Chattanooga last year?

      • anno nimus


  • Toejam For Life

    Pete Carroll was also lucked out scheduling those teams during down years so it could look better than it actually was!

    • party_opponent

      Food for thought, Troll.

      Ohio State was ranked #5 in the nation in 2008.

      Ohio State was ranked #8 in the nation in 2009.

      Auburn went 8-5 the year they lost to USC.

      VT ended up 10-3 and ranked #10 in the nation the year they lost to USC.

      Nebraska went 9-5 and were the Big 12 North Champions in 2006 when they lost to USC.

      The 2005 Arkansas team was horrible and was destroyed at the Coliseum (Scott is wrong in his post regarding location – SHOCKER). The 2006 team ended up 10-4 and ranked #15 in the nation.

      You’re making yourself look stupid. Is that the point?

    • B-rad

      Ya, that win over pre-season #1 auburn with Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, and Jason Campbell was just luck against those NFL bound scrubs. And when USC posted 70 and held Arkansas to 17 with Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Peyton Hillis, it was just even more luck for the Trojans. How did they get so lucky to play these SEC teams and dominate them when they didn’t have any talent?

      • Walt Hazzard

        ^^^^ What he said…When was the last time the lil’l gutties played an Sec team ?. Big 12? Oh yea Texas 66 gutties 3
        Haaaaa TROLL on losers I am aware of Nebraska great win trolls haaaaaaaaaa

        • ProbationU

          Walt…you aren’t showing yourself to be too bright…the game was Gutties 66 and Texas 3. Bruins beat Lane Kiffin’s Tennessee team in Knoxville a few years ago. Check your facts before you post.

        • SUCC de Trope

          Wally spins on his thumb.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      We so lucky, T-Jam!……there is always a bit of luck in scheduling, using your logic…what could we have done differently????

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      Dwad, those games, with one or maybe two exceptions, were scheduled BEFORE Pete got here.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Did you put any thought into that post?

    • rusoviet

      Hey lunchie any idea when you’ll regale us all with another of your ‘brain flashes’? That last one was pure idiocy – you did absolutely no research

  • B-rad

    If only USC had Rutgers scheduled this year or in future years. THEN, USC would have a respectable schedule.

  • Sarknado

    During Kiffin’s first year, SC had the opportunity to Play Tennessee in the Kick Off Classic. That would have been a crazy game considering how Tennessee reacted to the departure of Kiffin. Anyway, Tennessee declined stating their schedule was already too difficult. Wolf some how has this idea that SC can schedule any team they want. It just doesn’t happen. The SEC rarely travels out of their region and never schedules a tough out of conference opponent away. The best you can hope for is a game on a neutral field. Just like the proposed Alabama game.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      You’re 100% right…. Scottie fails to factor into his “equation” that it takes two to tango……there is a domino effect that goes on with scheduling…..just because we have an open date doesn’t always mean that another school has the very same date available…sometimes, taking the path of least resistance makes the only sense, at least for the short term…..heck, wasn’t Wolfie moaning last season about scheduling Colorado too late in the year when it was freezing???…

      • Internal Monologue

        I wonder if Scott Wolf is single reflects on his inability to realize it takes two to tango?

        • UCLA Bleauz

          Good point….that may explain why every picture of him that we see is a selfie……..

    • marvgoux1

      We don’t have to beg the SEC to play us. Once upon a time we played Florida State, why not approach them now? ABC/ESPN would love to have USC-Wisconsin, USC-Penn State and USC-Michigan State on Saturday night football.

  • Tom Oday

    WTF? Notre Dame is not a marquee opponent???

    • UCLA Bleauz

      So if we are fortunate enough to qualify for the playoffs, which would have to include winning our conference championship game, I guess Scottie will say that we backed our way into it…….

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Scott, why don’t you ask SL if any of the TOP teams SC isn’t playing turned down the opportunity? Some of the good teams we played in the early 2000s were scheduled before Pete came and SC was down.

  • rusoviet

    I recall that OK athletic director backing out of the proposed home/home games with Troy in 2006 – they wanted nothing to do with USC. I do agree the OOC has been bad the past 3 years and I wonder if the ACC & SEC can proceed with only 8 ‘in conference’ opponents why the Pac-1q2 can’t as well – thus allowing for an additional OOC instead of the two we have now (Notre Dame is every year regardless).