• very funny, wolfman, that link is for pig farm web cam…..give us the REAL LINK, wolfie….

  • ThaiMex

    Did any So Cal football players participate???? I didn’t think so.
    fit Un!

    • Larry Harris

      To Gina, the very modest Emerging Platforms Director | managing mobile, social media & data projects for the Los Angeles News Group who allows defamatory & abusive inputs on this site. Too full of yourself my dear? Nice scrub of a post which did nothing more than to direct the reader to a relevant positive U-tube video of Pat Haden and Josh Shaw. If this post hits the light of day, one might be interested in going to ‘WeRSC…Huddle…and reading about Josh Shaw…an obvious oversight by one’s ‘cut and paste’ boss.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Gina…..as in vag—…..never mind. …

        • Larry Harris

          My innocuous post gets 86ed while yours remains. Methinks that it swooshed over someone’s head.

          • Larry Harris

            UCLA BLEAUZ…
            Someone must have explained your post to the egocentric Valley teeny-bopper. Your bad caused my verbiage to go the way of all flesh. Then, my original post that was scrubbed yesterday magically appears today. (see below…”An oversight…”. At least now, it becomes obvious (to all except Mr. B) that deletions are willy-nilly at best.
            I guess that the operational credo is ‘Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds’.

    • Larry Harris

      Grasping at straws?
      Henderson….and still counting at the 2014 commencement.

    • B.Miller

      CLASSIC THIGH MESSI.. making yourself look dumb as ever!