USC Morning Buzz: More Alabama Talk

Here’s an interview I did with ESPN radio host Paul Finebaum on the proposed Alabama game and .  . . Lane Kiffin. The interview starts at the 23-minute mark. Listen here

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    Q for Dummies: WHO does the NATIONAL MEDIA go to when they need info about Southern Cal?? The WOLFMAN, that’s who!

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    • Internal Monologue

      I wonder how long Scott Wolf will continue with his faux Bucket account now that everyone realizes the truth?

      • if “everyone” is three kooks and a semi-professional Conspiracy Theorist, then yes EVERYONE realizes the truth!

        • Mike 70

          What did Jack Nicholson say, “you can’t handle the truth.” No realizes any truth from you buck hole (Wolf). What a sham!

        • TrojanFamily

          I don’t think they are the same. Scott’s not nearly as racist as Cliven Bucket

          • marvgoux1

            Is he as racist as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

    • juan carlos

      Please refrain from using foul language. I find it offensive. I will have to flag your comments as innapropriate should you not adhere to my request.

  • NOBSisdaMAN


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  • juan carlos

    Two peas in a pod. Finebaum, the Wolf of the south. Hardly national. I wish them both well and hope they get the hits they are looking for with their campaigns of negativity.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Way to go, Wolfbaum………a match made in haters heaven……

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Hey, Scottie…. you should change the title of this blog entry to “More Kiffin Talk”

  • Name

    Yea! Can’t wait!