USC Is Free At Last


As you probably know, USC is officially off probation today. Unfortunately for USC, it will not be back at 85 scholarships until 2016 so the effects of probation will last longer.

There is another legacy of probation that is not really discussed and impacts the fans. Since the NCAA sanctions were announced, USC’s become a much-less hospitable place for the fans. Practices employ security personnel, fans are not allowed on Howard Jones Field and infrequently allowed to watch from the roof at Dedeaux Field. Even worse, events like the Salute to Troy, where fans could interact with players, are now more impersonal as autographs are tightly controlled.

Things like summer football camps are now closed to the general public. In the past, fans could meet Pete Carroll or Ed Orgeron and watch future stars. The camps will be closed next month even though probation is no longer in effect.

And that is the troubling part. None of the restrictive measures enacted appear to be going away. The fan suffers despite the fact these policies are not attacking what caused probation in the first place. USC did not get on probation because agents were attending practices. Problems always occur off campus.

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    Scottie, Scottie, Scottie… tell us… who is responsible for selecting and posting the least flattering picture possible of Pete Carroll?…. A little childish, no?

    • Helen

      I’d expect nothing less from Scottie. I think that picture was taken when Carroll learned that Scottie was accompanying USC on their recent trip to UW.

      But I will give Scottie his props for a rather objective post and correctness for the most part. But he blames USC for not turning back the clock the day probation ends when he should be blaming the NCAA for putting USC in a defensive position. Only a fool would fully open the doors when the NCAA cited that was part of the original problem. If the NCAA was truly an effective organization they would have seen the value to the community that Carroll brought with his openness. As Scottie correctly states, the community is the real loser in all of this.

    • gotroy22

      Something you’d expect from the LA Times.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Yes, but alas, it came from your childhood idol, the Wolfman…..this sort of knocks him from your pedestal, eh?

        • gotroy22

          Idolize no man, Garry Bleauz. That is the mistake rah rahs make.

  • Independent_George

    That is true, but people like Rich Johanningmeier, Missy Conboy and Josephine Pututo still exist and if the McNair case embarrases them, and they decide to pinky swear and avenge the bloated corpse of Paul Dee, they can still create serious headaches for USC, even if the NCAA, for now, is more or less defanged.

    Conboy, Pututo and Johanningmeier hold deep grudges and have long memories, Johanningmeier in particular (i.e., the clinically insane efforts he went after Tarkanian).

    As long as those people have any access in Indianapolis, it behooves USC to be over cautious.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      I’m not happy about restricted access to the practices either, but it’s about perception, and it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when the wounds are still raw and the key players are still monitoring the situation…..

      • The restricted access cuts into seegar and chaw sales right?

        • UCLA Bleauz

          Nope!…. but thanks for remembering……

    • Yeah, what’s the deal on Adoree’s new Merc cruiser.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Now a REAL investigative reporter, unlike Wolf, would look into these sort of things first hand, no?

        • gotroy22

          It would be nice to have this rumor put to rest by the La Daily News or the LA Times USC beat reporter…or even you, Garry P.

          • UCLA Bleauz

            If you tune in to my online chat tomorrow at 2pm, you just might get some more insightful information on this subject…….

          • gotroy22

            Wow, I will tune in!

          • UCLA Bleauz

            You won’t be disappointed.

  • “Problems always occur off Campus”….yes, wolfman, and sometimes, Asst Coaches like McNair are present when the illicit deals are hatched, and it’s especially bad when the Asst Coach takes photos with the agent to commemorate the meeting and makes multiple calls the to agent to boot. and then gets caught lying about it to the NCAA…

    yeah, those “off campus” problems are a KILLER!!


    • Juan Carlos

      What is this bum bum you speak of?


        It’s where he likes it.

      • Up yours Wan Carloads.

        • Juan Carlos

          Why are you so mad? Obviously I did something to make you very angry. I can’t imagine what that could be. I apologize for my transgressions mr buckit. I hope you become a little bit happier throughout the day. Perhaps a day at the Happiest place on earth is in store for you. That is, if you can get yourself out of your chocolate factory.

          • Jethro G Sabbath


            He was angry long before you showed up.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            His stick is too short to stir the coffee

          • UCLA Bleauz

            Unless it’s a demitasse of espresso……

          • by the way, Inspector Jauvert, Wan Carloads is Nubs.

            five years ago, you would have been the one telling ME this.

        • TrojanFan3.0



    • G Man

      Fair point, Chuck. You seem to be an expert on this matter.

      If there so much incriminating evidence against Todd McNair, why is the NCAA fighting so hard to keep the files sealed from the public? What are they hiding?

      • Juan Carlos

        Excellent point!

        • once again, Wan Carloads “no lo comprendo” when it comes to Cadre comments but has no trouble understanding complex legal kerfuffles involving the NCAA.

          mighty queeer. .

          • Juan Carlos

            Perhaps you should post more eloquently. I would love to understand what you are talking about, but you write awkwardly. All I know is you swear a lot and are mad all the time. I’m sorry if something has made you so angry.

          • gotroy22

            Wan= El Nobo

      • that is a fair question, i don’t know what’s in there. but at the same time, there is going to be a lot of Southern Cal dirt in there too, that’s what i want to see.

        so i am with you all on releasing the files!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath


      Proud liberal that you are, you must believe in rehabilitation.
      USC has now officially and admirably completed all of the excessive and unfair punishment handed down and is now to be viewed no differently than any other university.
      This must have slipped your mind so from now on you shall not bring up what has happened in the past, nor any unsubstantiated rumors.
      If you wish to continue spending your time here on a USC message board please limit it to constructive contributions.

      • 1) i am liberal in some matters, but i am a Death Penalty advocate, so no, i don’t believe much in Rehabilitation.
        2) don’t tell me what to do.

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Why do spend so much time up in the tree house, still the target?

  • LamontRaymond

    Fans having access to coaches & players is so minimal in importance – we’ve got bigger fish to fry. My prediction – within 10 years, we won’t be dealing with the NCAA any longer. The top 5 conferences will form their own alliance, sharing the $$ equally. They’ll come up with sensible compliance rules that are applied equitably, and they’ll get a smart commissioner – someone like Condi Rice – to come in and run the thing. The fact that Donna Sh(whatever) at Miami could push the NCAA around on their latest scandal is a joke. We should unilaterally get our player count up to 85 next fall – probation is over.

  • B.Miller

    Are you complaining about practice not being open still …. USC Still has NCAA Compliance they have to maintain.. you want to go watch practice.. GO SEE WANG!

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Scottie sees Wang every chance he gets……..

  • Toejam For Life

    With Sarkiffen, be sure to check your coffee cups before pouring coffee into it!!