Live Chat At 12 p.m. PT

I will have a live chat beginning at 12 p.m. today.

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    Release the trolls!…………

    • that’s Lord of the Rings…..not GOT

      • UCLA Bleauz

        My bad, Tyrian Lannister….. chortle

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Bucket has a man crush on the little guy

    • gotroy22

      You mean Golly-Nerd?

  • dang it, wolfman, i haven’t seen the last episode of GOT yet!!!

    where’s the notice???


      Jon Snow died in a battle protecting the wall this previous sunday.

      • i thought he was already dead. lets face it there’s about half a dozen men in their 20’s who all look alike and no one cares about, this show is driven by the 3 D’s: damsels dwarves and dragons!!!

      • hey i saw it tonight Jon Snow LIVES!!!
        the giants were coolio.

  • Helen

    Scottie: instead of providing a forum for the UCLA scabs to vent their hatred, why not report on the summer volunteer workouts and how Adoree has looked at CB?

    • gotroy22

      UCLA hires non union workers? Or is this more Helenian Logic?

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Ask Norma Rae…..

    • B.Miller

      Wolf will not do any work.. He will wait until the info is up somewhere and copy and paste it.. USC Football has info and video post of the workouts.. great updates..

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Why the DN continues employ this guy is ridiculous

    • And what color is AJ’s new S ride?

      • Juan Carlos

        What is a Sride?

        • TrojanFan3.0

          It’s what pinch a loaf enjoys between his legs

      • UCLA Bleauz

        What color is your Vespa?

    • TrojanFan3.0

      That would actually require some work, not going to happen.

    • Larry Harris

      Based upon several reasonably accurate sources, Adoree seens to be nothing but ‘thumbs up’ for CB at the summer workouts…to the point that Seymour and Hawkins just might be 2nd string. The words ‘natural’ and ‘very potent’ at that position have been ascribed to him.
      So that and 4 quarters will get you a dollar bill.
      At this point, it is all Kentucky windage.

      • A. Jackson at CB as a Freshman is funny. Let’s say A. is 5’8″ to 5’10” and weights max $1.70. How can A. be expected to guard receivers up to seven inches taller and up to 50# heavier with zero college experience. Love to see A. in the Stanford game; he will be exploited like a cheap knockoff.

        • Burak Uslu

          Do you remember the Buffalo Bills DB Nickell Robey who used to be a shutdown corner at USC, and still regarded through out PAC 12 receivers? Adoree Jackson is taller and faster than Nickell. Does he have the same heart? We will see.

          • UCLA Bleauz

            Pinch Day Ho Suxx doesn’t even remember what he had for breakfast, let alone Nickell Robey……

          • ding, ding.

          • Burak Uslu

            I agree UCLA Bleauz. I did not realize that about the Gotta pinch xx..He also probably does not realize Nickell in fact competed in the track team.

          • I doubt Robey was thinking about possible future Olympic track and field Gold Medals during his SUCC FB career.

      • Helen

        Thanks Larry. I was a little worried Adoree was over-hyped by the media and as some have noted, starting at CB as a Freshman is really difficult. Can’t wait for a lineup of Jackson & Marshall at Corner and Cravens & McQuay at Safety.

        • Larry Harris

          From the keyboard of Gary P…
          4. Early impact: Several of the incoming freshmen have arrived to take part in these sessions. The biggest performance came in Adoree’ Jackson’s initial appearance, as he wasted no time in making a highlight play with a break on the ball to tip a pass that was eventually intercepted by Cravens. It was the kind of instinctive and athletic play that not too many corners can make, and Jackson made it within 20 minutes of stepping on the USC practice field for the first time. This kid is going to be good.

  • I thought Wolf’s comment about SUCC’s abysmal, two-hand touch, zero TD’s, spring game was telling. I mean if SUCC can’t score TD’s in a short field spring game, what are the chances of SUCC going .500 in 2014. Oh well.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      About the same odds as you putting your money where your mouth is, Mr. King of Entitlement programs…oh well……

  • here’s the link AS PROMISED, wolfman!!!

    it’s AWKWARD!!!! at the 1:36 mark.[DOT]com/watch?v=4u_lX2DcEKA&feature=youtu%5BDOT%5Dbe

  • john wolcott

    Scott always does well in these chats. Wish he could convert the talent to a more consistently good Blog.

    • marvgoux1

      Good idea, at the next one suggest we go to one hour long
      chat each week.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Your old lady is also wish you could go one hour long