USC Morning Buzz: Mike Gillespie Wins Coach Of The Year Award

Former USC baseball coach Mike Gillespie was named Coach of the Year by the National College Baseball Writers Assn. Gillespie, who coached at USC for 20 years, ranks No. 16 all-time in victories with 1,036.

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  • sweeeet scooop, wolfman!! clearly, another botched coaching decision by HH!!

    wolfman, you are the only blogger in the business with the GUTS to publish the TRUTH, no matter who it offends!! in the tradition of Murrow, Bernstein, Woodward!!

    wolfman, YOU are the frontrunner for the Cadre’s Journalist of the Year Award!!!

    and from what i hear, the Pulitzer as well!!

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Congrats to Gillespie. He can thank Mike Garrett for turning on the burners again. If MG hadn’t Gillespie would be the Bench Coach for bucket’s Boys Town Pee Wee Team.

  • David Keeling

    It is apparent Scott has another vendetta out on MG for firing Gillespie. MG had every right to let Gillespie go! Scott, how many years did Dedeaux coach baseball at USC and how many championships did he win? Now, how many years did Gillespie coach at USC and how many championships did he win? Same program, recruiting the same SoCal talent… you would expect better results than what Gillespie produced! Get off it Scott!

    • marvgoux1

      How many have we won since Gillepsie was fired? Same program, same SoCal talent and nothing. Gillepsie won 40 games and we made the NCAA Super Regional the year before Garrett fired him.

    • Fred

      David, how many times has the USC baseball program been to the NCAA Tournament since Garrett fired Gillespie…do me a favor, draw a big circle and you will have your answer. Stop with the excuses. It’s obvious that no one at USC cares about the baseball program any more. They only care about “hey, we made great strides this year”.

      • David Keeling

        I agree the AD doesn’t seem to care about this once proud program. But if you do not have a coach who knows how to win enough to make it to the next level (NCAA championships) what good is the upgrade?

    • B.Miller

      Wolf is beating the heck out of that dead horse.. He’s not going to let it go until their is a poll about it