USC Sunday Buzz

SUN.DECKThere are so many unanswered questions about those new on-field suites at the Coliseum. Here’s one: What happens if a photographer sets up in the end zone to take a picture of the game? Are they going to have those event/staff people forbid photogs from walking behind the end zone because it blocks the view of the wine-and-cheese crowd in the luxury tent?


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  • geee-ZUS!!!!! this ratty shanty town is downright embarrassing!!

    i guaran-f-ing-TEE you Lane Kiffin is laughing his REAR END off right now!!

    do anyone think for a SECOND that Alabama, Michegan, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA or the RUDYS would put up with this travesty???

    why don’t you trOXans park a taco truck in the other end zone??? and an elote cart right behind Sark???


    wait a minute, wolfman, is this a joke?? don’t be trying to punk the Cadre, wolfman!!!

    • ThaiMex

      Hold on just una momento Hombre’. Carne Asada, Chicharones, Nopales, and why not? A hot truck sounds far better than some Gringo Hot box burrito…Chucker…you might be on to something…Get “Boozy” on the phone and let’s run it up the flagpole.
      Fit Un!

  • Ray Reyes

    “do anyone think for a SECOND that Alabama, Michegan, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA or the RUDYS would put up with this travesty???”

    You put UCLA in the same crowd as Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas and Notre Dame?????!!??? You really are delusional Bucket!!!!! If you would have said, Oregon State, Iowa, Central Michigan, Texas Christian, BYU AND UCLA, then It would make more sense!

    • gotroy22

      Except that when they renovated the Rose Bowl the ruins at least put the luxury boxes above the press box instead of at field level in the end zone.

    • “Do” rea, should be does. You’re welcome.

      • Ray Reyes

        I was quoting Charlie Bucket, don’t you see the QUOTES? He typed that!!! I’m not going to resort to name calling, everyone reading this can use their imagination.

    • According to ESPN, the Rose Bowl is the very best College Football venue in the nation. What was interesting about the 20 category winners, SUCC: the sanctions Univ. was never mentioned once in any category, even as a as an all-so-ran. Cheers rea.

  • rusoviet

    The only way this proposed ‘patrician’ scaffold works is if they construct the luxury suites above field level – there is no depth of field on the ground – whoever proposed this idea as an enticement for big donor money either was tasked to place the elite at that particular site or is enthralled with his/her own ability to ‘fill in this open end’.

    This arrangement is DOA

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Wolfies disdain for the ” wine – and – cheese crowd” is quite obvious. ..and laughable….hey, Scottie…would it be more palatable if it were a Five Guys Burgers crowd? ….

    • don’t make the wolfman drool while he’ working.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        The Wolfman ALWAYS drools while he’s working….heck, we should probably hold a telethon for him….

  • Chicharito

    Will they serve prawn sandwiches to the “South Bay Elite” in those lame tents.

  • rusoviet

    The best Shakespeare play on political commentary was his 2nd to the last – Coriolanus – the protagonist’s contempt for the ‘hoi polloi’ is what makes Wolf such an advocate for those who mock the successful – such as Wolf, oftentimes feel discomfort when tasked to select the correct fork and choose instead to drink from the dish filled with water as ‘fried chicken’ is the main course.