76 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 12 By Phil Steele

  1. wow! imagine if they had an O-Line and a QB!!!! would they be #1?????


    now, if the trOXans had Sally Cushing’s Stud Nephew, i would agree with #12 or #6 for that matter!!

  2. Washington has a returning O-Line with 124 starts, Oregon’s has 107, Ariz. has 104, UCLA has 88. SUCC’s O-Line has 53 starts and some major holes. How PS imagines SUCC’s O-Line and Sark’s weak also ran Offense deserves a #12 Pre-season ranking is mysterious. Maybe PS is basing SUCC’s #12 ranking on SUCC’s 2014 cream puff FB schedule. SUCC doesn’t play Washington or Oregon in 2014.

    • I honestly believe it is probably two ore three Daily News workers, and their sole job is to write the dumbest post to drive up comments.
      Just look at the crap on here from “gotta pinch major SUCC”

  3. Isn’t pre-season talk a little like figuring out how your first date with someone is going to work out?

  4. I count only a couple of UCLA honks in this one and Bucket does not even count. 1/2 a towel wave and a 4 clap for these pathetic efforts.

  5. How do you know what Sark did up there? They had a talented QB and RB and still couldn’t beat the ruins, the Ducks or Stanford in Sarks 5th year as coach. Those were his players and he didn’t do squat. And you have some nerve calling anyone else a flamethrower after all your antics on this board, NOBS.

    • I know everything about the Pac 12. All the teams you mention had ALSO beat SC & the bRuins. You know NADA. You really going to tell me that UW can recruit the same type player that SC does? Moron.

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