Player Spotlight

Damon Bame - USC

In our series on underappreciated Trojans, Damon Bame was a two-time All-American lineman in 1962-63. He was on a national title team and a Playboy All-American in 1963. Bame coached at San Jose State, Long Beach State, New Mexico and Hawaii of the World Football League. He also coached at El Segundo High.

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  • john wolcott

    If memory serves, Damon was 185 pounds. I repeat, 185 pounds.
    He would not even make the field in today’s football, except perhaps as a defensive back, but he was not fast enough to qualify
    Of course, those were the days when whites dominated the sports scene because of social injustice, and when blacks were extended equal rights, ‘Katy bar the door.”

    • Pasadena Trojan

      In the south and midwest that might be the case. However, out on the west coast, especially in colleges, minorities were more accepted at playing sports. You had Rafer Johonson, Mike Garrett, tennis players that played tennis for USC that came from Mexico, the great diver Samy (I forget his last name) that dived for USC and other minority athletes that strived to be accepted for their race through sports.

      • john wolcott

        True Pasadena Trojan, out West we were more tolerant, but not that tolerant.

      • Larry Harris


    • gotroy22

      There were five black players on the 1962 national champions.

    • Tom Oday

      Ben Wilson was a co-captain along with Marv Marinovich.

  • Helen

    So what makes him under-appreciated?

    • Tom Oday

      Apparently John Wolcott under-appreciates him because he was 5-11/192 and white.

    • Juan Carlos

      Valid question.

    • Larry Harris

      It is called ‘straw grasping’ to come up with posts. Damon was perhaps not in the limelight quite as much as the Bs (Hal, Willie, & Pete) but they were not 2-time AAs either. He was the absolute king of the D and had more than his share of notoriety. Who will be the next subject of a Wolfie WAG… Jaguar Jon Arnett?

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I watched him play on the ’62-’63 team;an ALL CIF HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER…JC ALL AMERICAN…one of McKays wisest moves to build his new team and win a national championship,he used JC transfers to do it quickly…Bame was also an ALL AMERICAN at USC…A LINEBACKER,played at about 195-200 lbs…about average for the time…that is the team that used 2 q/b’s…Nelson and Beatherd…consistently…thanks for the memory of a great team,coach and athlete.

  • timtrojan

    Same facial expression Bucket’s dad makes every time he reads little B’s post on this board. Such a proud papa.

  • Scott is not underappreciated. He gets lots of attention from bucket, thai and other friends…

  • john wolcott

    And I loved that Trojan team winning the National Championship on January 1,1963 over Wisconsin 42-37. One of my dearest memories, sitting in front of the black and white t.v. as a tyke, sitting on my dad’s lap, and going crazy over one of the greatest games of all time.