USC Morning Buzz: The Gold Trojans


The above picture might be the most unusual USC helmet ever. In 1957, the Trojans wore gold helmets with black numerals and a cardinal stripe down the middle. It was a one-season design and most USC fans have no idea the Trojans wore a non-Cardinal helmet. That is USC coach Don Clark being carried on the field by his players after a victory over Washington.

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  • B.Miller

    Thanks for the history Wolf.. Great Inside SC information.
    F UCLA!

    • gotroy22

      The Heritage Hall stooge is back.

    • Who owns LA FB b*tchy miller? I do believe it’s the F UCLA team.

      • Mike 70

        you obviously have no memories of wherever you went to school beyond junior high. you live on this blog. what a dysfunctional, stupid moron you are. No life you poor buggar. How does it feel to live for something your supposedly hate? Lose on.

      • gotroy22

        BM is appropriate for that Heritage Hall plant.

  • Is this blog post a prelude to let’s change the uni’s to something like Oregon, it hurts recruiting, look at me I’m Scott Wolf impacting USC football…
    Well is it or what?

    • Scott likes to operate just like the government & its false economies. Ghost bloggers = real blog. Post an entry like this it becomes “settled material” so he can then gin up controversy.

  • Violet

    Scott, are you suggesting at this point USC was experiencing Domer Envy?

    Wow, Gold helmets, i would have laughed at someone who indicated this happened for even one season. Thanks Scott….I think.

  • Sally Cushing

    A federal appeals court on Thursday struck down a 31-year-old Los Angeles law that bars people from living in parked vehicles. Charlie can move his “home” back inside the city limits.

    • TrojanFan3.0


    • Sally will you go over the middle for your stud Nephew? Hunka, hunka burning love.

    • you think about me ALL the time now, dontcha’ sis??

      Careful, you don’t want C-Buck inside your head.

      • Juan Carlos

        Hi Chucker Bucker! How are you doing today? Did you have a nice sleep last night?

        • doing great, thanks for asking. yes, i slept like a big baby!
          ( i think i even wet myself)

          • Juan Carlos

            Oh oh. I hope you had plastic bed sheets on.

            Also, why do you refer to yourself in third person?

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Bucket is upset! You have yet to post any leather helmet pictures. He said it brings back fond merories of his childhood

    • gotroy22

      What are “fond merories”, CowPolyFan3.0?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Which tool are you?

        PS….What’s Cow Poly?

        • gotroy22

          You alleged alma mater. Tell us about the big soccer game rivalry against UCSB.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I sat through a tough season that year,but ’58 and ’59 were a lot better…those helmets were different,glad they changed back…’57 had some future all-americans and all conference players…lot of them went pro…thanks