George Lucas Museum To Chicago


The Sports Arena is safe . . . for now. The new George Lucas museum, which Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti floated building at the site of the Sports Arena, will instead head to Chicago near Soldier Field, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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  • gotroy22

    Who will break the news to poor Golly-Nerd?

  • Juan Carlos

    Hi Chucker the Bucker. How are you my good friend. I am very happy with your positive progress in regards to your angry cursing. Well done!


      • Ray Reyes

        Channeling the Jim Healy show again? šŸ™‚

      • Juan Carlos

        I don’t know why you are so angry. I am giving you a compliment, yet you reply with such anger. I am beginning to think your anger/racism issues are much deeper than I had originally believed. I’m afraid I must recommend professional mental health intervention at this juncture. It is only out of love that I make this recommendation Chucker the Bucker. I would hate to watch your continued personal downward spiral.

        Nothing but love my friend Chucker the Bucker.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          I think that his anger stems from having a poor relationship with his parents, especially Mother Bucker…..

          • Juan Carlos

            That is a good one! I would have to agree with you. It often stems from unusual or poor relationships with mothers. Oedipus Complex perhaps.

          • Larry Harris

            Dr Freud would certainly concur.

          • Larry Harris

            Good show! I had to get the kudo in before Gina becomes educated.

  • carter

    George lucas in Chicago, an oxymoron if I ever heard of one.
    Glad to hear the Sports Arena site has a potential higher calling.
    Something that actually brings in fans, money, and might even be complimentary to the Coliseum.

  • rusoviet

    Dual use stadium – soccer – tennis would be a nice fit – even a ‘pocket baseball stadium for the school and use by a minor league squad – free up space on the campus and help with mlb’s RBI effort.

  • Turkued

    The Sports Arena should be the new home of the USC ice hockey team. The sport is a perfect for the university, would easily outdraw basketball, and would please the President as most major elite private universities compete in the sport. Title IX. Women’s ice hockey.