World Cup Talk, Part II

Tim Howard

The U.S. makes a late comeback but fall short in an exciting match with Belgium that ends in a 2-1 loss. Now what? How many of you will keep following the World Cup without the home team?

And now Belgium face Argentina in a game that should have plenty of scoring chances.

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  • if you tell us to follow it, we will, wolfman.

    to the bitter end if necessary.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      The Wolf in Cadres clothing……..Leading the sheep to slaughter…..

  • Golden Trojan

    Of course I will continue to watch, I’m in a four way tie in our pool. GO ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twerk King

    Last time I checked the home team, Brazil, was still in it.

    • marvgoux1

      That is the greatest handle ever.

  • Scott

    Belgium faces Argentina. Not “Belgium face Aregentina”. That’s how all of the English announcers say it, but we’re ‘Mericans, say it right!

    And yes, I’ll continue to watch, I’m a casual soccer fan, but almost every match in this World Cup has been great.

    • B.Miller

      Let gotroy22 know about the error.. He will be sure to notify his boss at the Daily News about the error.

      • gotroy22

        BM is always correcting people about the correct pronunciation of “bodette”.

  • carter