A Quick Louis Zamperini Story


There are so many amazing stories involving Louis Zamperini but here is a good one. When his B-24 bomber crashed in the Pacific Ocean, his USC ring hooked one of the plane’s shattered window frames and enabled Zamperini to hoist himself out of the plane.

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  • WEB_Dupree

    That looks like the University Church in the background. So he is running on… what is now the music school?

    • TrojanFamily

      unless he is running east. That would be around Davidson Center if he were….or maybe he is just early for the opening of Trojan Grounds

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    A Quick Louis Zamperini Story: One day Mr. Zamperini was walking on campus. Scott ran up and wanted to interview Mr. Zamperini. Louie replied: “I’d rather be in a POW camp. Now p i s s off.” From that point on, Scott reported every misstep of Mr. Zamperini until the day he passed.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      And Scott probably would have nicknamed him Baby Distance Runner…

      • TrojanFan3.0

        ……and cry out “fit Un!”

  • gotroy22

    They just did a nice story on Louie and showed a picture of him wearing his SC cap on FNC.

  • TrojanFamily

    A very nice tribute to a great man. Thanks, Scott.
    May we all live our lives with the purpose and achievements of Louis Zamperini. He was more than just a great Trojan. He was a great man. And HE is the embodiment of USC. We all should strive to achieve such greatness.

  • Juan Carlos

    That’s a great story Scott. Thank you for sharing.