World Cup Talk, Part II


Brazil survives a late onslaught from Colombia for a 2-1 victory but what is Neymar’s status after taking a knee to the back? Brazil advances to play Germany on Tuesday. And it’s goodbye to Colombia’s James Rodriguez, who scored six goals and currently leads the tournament.

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  • Larry Harris

    Congratulations to Silva! He just won the award for stupidest foul of the century. Cheap-shoting the keep? After already having received a previous card? He must have procured his captains arm band from a box of cereal. Guess ego sometimes comes before team. Coach should have explained that 2 yellows = a red…and no participation in the next game. They are dancing in the streets in Berlin. My bracket has been spotless from the round of 16 on. But now? My pick of Brazil over Germany is now in deep kimshee. In any event, no mater, who advances to the finals, it will take a monumental effort to get by the Netherlands.
    Let’s hear it for the officials. Even after being waved down several times in the match, the linesmen seemed to have no clue of the difference between off side vs. off side position. Ref had reasonably good rapport with the players and a good feel for the advantage but tended to be more inconsistent than one would like…similar to the plate ump whose strike zone in all over the place. Worst of all however was not having the cajones to stop many of the players from making a mockery of the game. Would you want him to have an input for the Oscars? Player acting is getting more and more obvious. How about being an olympic judge for diving? Many players are displaying proficiency. More than adequately covered by IBDs regarding the ungentlemanly conduct of Law XII.
    Bottom line – The quality of FIFA referees seem to be decrementing over time.
    The man in black needs to take more flak.