World Cup Talk, Part III

Neymar's tournament-ending injury

Neymar is ruled out of the rest of the World Cup with a fractured vertabra, which means he misses Tuesday’s game against Germany and a possible berth in the final.

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  • but according to Jethro G. Sabbath, this was a shameless Latino flop job.

    the G stands for Gall.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Show me where I said every time this happens it’s fake

      • Juan Carlos

        Unfortunately Chucker Buckers has a lot of internal hostility caused by childhood separation issues. He is only attempting to create chaos and irritate others to make himself feel whole because he didn’t feel that way as a young child. Every other reader knows his comments are not true, but arise as a feeble attempt to upset other bloggers that support USC athletics.

        Good luck the Chucker Bucker.

        • my comment was derived solely from Jezro’s direct testimony, you miserable corksucker.

          • Juan Carlos

            Are we in court? Why would he give a testimony? Still so mad? Grrrrr. You sound like Tony the Tiger growling so much. What 8n the world is a corksucker anyway? Perhaps you’ve been watching too much SnL.

            Anyways, I am here for you Chuckers Buckers when you are ready to let go and relearn. You are nice.

            Enjoy the fireworks. I know I am

          • Jezro doesn’t need you to defend him. he produced his magnum opus, the Walllin Conjecture, when you were still dating HS girls in T.J. ….Jezro ALONE will answer for his racist rants.

            take a knee, Wahhhn.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Now you accuse Juan of being a pedophile?
            Shame on you!

          • UCLA Bleauz

            The just like Wolf doesn’t need you or the Cadre to defend HIM….

          • To the contrary, the wolfman NEEDS the Cadre to be his eyes and ears because he never reads the comments.

            We are like Sentinels of Justice.

          • Juan Carlos

            The cadray has been weakend and is a shell of it’s former self. The air of positivity is surrounding us and instills new life on this board. The cadre and it’s negative tactics hold no power. Any future attempts of negativity and racism are simply just a last gasp of holding on to any future relevance. Much like the KKK and their tactics, a thing of the past. The cadray and it’s remaining members may try with all their might to discourage positivity and enlightenment, but it will have no influence upon us. The paradigm shift has occurred and the Cardray is left alone by itself once and for all.

            So long Cadray. We hardly knew you.

          • Whatever you say, Cheap Lies…

            MANY have tried to silence the Cadre but we only grow stronger!!

            Your childish tactic to paint us as villains has no legs and you will dry up and blow away like all the others…


          • Juan Carlos

            The Cadray you speak of does not need to try and be silenced. A group with a membership of one (in this case, yourself) is inherently silent.

            As I clearly explained in my previous post, I knew you would deny the obvious decimation of your Carday. It is a classic clinical sign of denial. The key to your personal inner growth is to finally admit the issues that you are dealing with, only then can you move forward with your life in a positive manner.

            Also, when you do your hawr hawr thing…is that a moment in time when you transition to one of your other personalities? It seems to be another classical sign of mutiple personality psychosis.

            Remember Chuckers Bucket, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            By my count, this is your fourth guess as to who is behind Mr. Juan Carlos.
            Have you considered the possibility that he is a truly positive and independent individual?

          • I have considered this possibility….and DISMISSED IT!!

            Cheap Lies was TOTALLY OBSESSED with Bucket and the Cadre!! He couldn’t quit us easy. Wahhhn Carloads IS Cheap Lies.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            So that’s the tune you’re singing this week?

            Who is going to be your next guess?

          • Juan Carlos

            I have no obsession with you. I am guilty of obsessing with goodness and positivity. Unfortunately, you have behaved in a manner contrary to my beliefs and philosophy. Hence, I a must repsond to it and hope you will accept the help you need to see the light.

            It’s simple.

          • marvgoux1

            Then why do you tolerate the other negative posters on this board? Your selective enforcement is curious to say the least.

          • Juan Carlos

            Since you used the word “target”, let me provide you with an example that may help you become less curious. If I was a military leader and I saw a threat to my population I would want to do something to resolve that threat. I would not go after every single citizen of that other group, but rather try to resolve the issue with the leader(s) of that group. In this case, the Cadray has consistently and outwardly portrayed itself as a rebellious group with the goal of creating chaos and negativity. So my efforts are simply an attempt to resolve matters with the leader, Chucker Buckers. I try to use positivity, understanding, and patience. I never resort to name calling or negativity.

            Also, please understand my goal is not to “enforce” anything. I am a simple person who just believes in something very strongly. I have no ability, means, or right to “enforce” anything. Just trying to help people who are in obvious need of a positive transition in their lives.

            Thank you for your interest in this matter.

          • gotroy22

            Hey Bozo, the word is “cadre”.

          • Juan Carlos

            I’m sorry I upset you.

          • gotroy22

            Yes I can see the crocodile tears.

          • Juan Carlos

            I am not crying. Nor is any crocodile that I know of.

          • Juan Carlos

            Unfortunately evil does not like to acknowledge good. It weakens them. I truly do hope chuckers bucket does well in life and can begin to heal.

          • gotroy22

            “The cadray has been weakend”? That’s enough for you today.

          • Juan Carlos

            Why? Do you not like what I have to say?

          • gotroy22

            That wasn’t the only one. Are you in Colorado?

          • Juan Carlos

            No. Feel free to point out my spelling errors.

          • gotroy22

            And Pat Haden doesn’t need you to defend Heritage Hall.

          • Bucket, you must have been drinking on the 4th. Good for you. Your vituperative posts are much more entertaining. I wonder though why your best friend Gina D hasn’t deleted them?

          • Juan Carlos

            Please refrain from your hatred, prejuduce, and racism. You alone can change your racist Sterling ways. Did you feel good about yourself when you made that comment about me supposedly going to HS in TJ? Does it make you feel more important? You have once again clearly exemplified your lack of internal confidence and general self worth. I feel bad that all those negative childhood experiences have led you to this point in life where you only become happier by attempting to put others down. Do you see that? It is clear as day. Fear not my friend. I am here for you. I will help you.

            I defend no one. I defend positivity and all that is good. I do not need to take a knee. I have two of them and that is all I need.

            I wish nothing but the best for you Chuckers the Bucket. Good luck!

          • Jethro G Sabbath


            You are a truly positive person in a sea of negativity and sarcasm.

          • Juan Carlos

            Thank you Jethro. You are appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

          • gotroy22

            Bucket has won 2 NAACP Lifetime Achievement awards too?

          • gotroy22

            Are his ways like Sterling or more Justin Bieber-ish?

          • Juan Carlos

            I do not know of this Justin you speak of.

          • Blue section 6

            Don’t let these USC fans get under your skin.

          • gotroy22

            A little late to pretend you are a ruin fan you fake..

  • Golden Trojan

    Could be tough for Brazil to get past Germany without Neymar and their captain Thiago Silva. I got Brazil losing to Argentina in the final and Germany third.

  • Juan Carlos

    Hope for a speedy recovery Neymar.