World Cup Talk

Tim Krul

A valiant effort from Costa Rica, which falls in penalty kicks to the Netherlands. The Dutch hit the woodwork at least three times and had countless opportunities. The Netherlands advance to face Argentina on Wednesday. It’s all traditional powers in the semifinals but Costa Rica deserves the plaudits today for surprising everyone.

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  • timtrojan

    Much like 1986 the last time the “mighty” Bruins won the Rose Bowl.

    • Helen

      My great grandfather used to tell me about that game… wow what a dynasty.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        UCLA FB is a bigger dynasty than SUCC’s incredibly successful Basketball program NCAA tournament champions.

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Charlie Bucket would tell you that you’re obsessed with USC basketball.

        • Larry Harris

          Tell me SUCCdeTrop, if you were asked, “How will this years peanut crop in Sudan affect their economy?” Your response would be, “USC offense was unable to score in their spring game”.

          Or…”Are you a Democrat or a Republican?” You would say, “UCLA owns football in LA ‘cause we won the last 2 games in a row.”

          Or…”What is the meaning of life?” Your reply…”USC basketball sucks.”

          Or…”How tall is the Empire State building?” Your answer would be, “I don’t care if we win or lose, just as long as USC loses.”

          Or…”Who do you think will win the World Cup?” Thee would reply, “USC hasn’t got a men’s soccer team.”

          Or…”Does the rain in Spain stay mainly in the plain?” …and you? “USC stands for University of Spoiled Children.”

          Or…”What is your mother’s maiden name?” …and from the mouths of babes, “13-9.”

          You get the point?…or maybe not.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Question: Is Lar Dog off his feed? Answer: Washington State 10 – SUCC 7 in a corker at the mausoleum.

            Question: Is Lar Dog relevant? I don’t know about the other Trolls, but SUCC’s 7 – 6 “Unfinished Bidness,” FB season was a glorious, comic disaster.

            Question: Will Lar dog get my point: I don’t care what Lar Dog thinks. Answer: SUCC owns LA FB because they won a Rose Bowl in the 1920’s.

      • Larry Harris

        Ah yes, 1986 was indeed a vintage year. Wasn’t that the year
        that UCLA robbed Peter (basketball 15-14) to pay Paul (football)? We can always count on SUCCdeTrop (below) or whatever his/her name is now, to push his/her (not so hidden) agenda at the expense of whatever the current topic is.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Lar Dog what’s your point; I count 5 items in your whinny thread: 1) UCLA BB; 2) UCLA FB; 3) SUCC de Trop; 4) a not so hidden agenda; 5) and whatever Lar Dog’s current topic is. So here’s a topic LD, since you claimed UCLA was favored in the 1966 Semi-Final vs Houston, the undefeated, unanimous #1 Basketball team in the nation, what was the spread that night? LD, now you have a topic that you initiated so there won’t be any confusion about your ability to comprehend the point.

        • gotroy22

          That was the year after the last high point in USC basketball when we won the Pac 10 under Stan Morrison.

      • gotroy22

        So that explains your petulant 8 year old girl stomping her foot posts.

    • gotroy22

      Remember, they backed into the Rose Bowl after losing to us 17-13. We stopped them on a goal line stand and then marched down the field for the winning touchdown!

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        UCLA did lose to SUCC 17 – 13, but UCLA went to the Rose Bowl because it won the tie breaker over Az State and Az.. It wasn’t anything like SUCC being voted into the 1967 Rose Bowl, and then promptly losing to Norte Dame @ the mausoleum 51 – ZIP. The 1967 Rose Bowl is called the runner up bowl – Because Purdue was #7 and SUCC #10. The teams voted out of that RB game were Mich. St. #2 and UCLA #5. And before you start making excuses, UCLA defeated SUCC head to head.

        • carter

          Norm Dow, as in Dow Chemical?

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            I think Dow Chemistry would be more accurate.

  • Golden Trojan

    All four of my picks came through. Argentina looks the best of the 4. Brazil and Argentina in the final. Germany takes 3rd.

    • Booyakasha

      I don’t think Brazil beats Germany.

  • Globe

    Yes Wolfie, what a valiant effort. 10 men behind the ball at all times & 1 goal in the last 375 minutes. They were a disease to the tournament.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      This Globe character seems to have a keen eye for soccer. Hope he sticks around.

  • Scottie likes to play with (soccer) balls