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Did anyone in USC history accomplish more than Bill Sharman? An All-American in basketball, of course and conference MVP. Then he wins four NBA titles with the Boston Celtics and plays in eight all-star games. Then he becomes a coach and wins an NBA title with the Lakers in 1971-72, as the team goes 69-13 and wins a still-record 33 straight games.


But the part that really makes it interesting is that Sharman briefly played baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers and was in the dugout at the Polo Grounds when the Giants’ Bobby Thomson hit the famed, “Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” the homer that beat Brooklyn for the 1951 NL pennant. An amazing life. Maybe his name should be on the court at the Galen Center.

8 thoughts on “Player Spotlight: Bill Sharman

  1. Great career, sports career anyway

    Loved him as a Trojan (historically,since I did not experience him live) and as a Laker coach, but as a Celtic my thought is @#%&*@#*%#@, which translates to, aaah you know.

    • aahhhh…such loyalty, consistency, and genuine warmth….from the most insufferable person to visit this site…Go ahead John….let’s hear you preach one more time…about being a “Torgan For Life!” (more like…for as long as we need you).
      fit Un LIMBO U!

      • John does not need me or anyone to come to his defense. Based on his posts I assure you he is quite capable of doing so for himself. You should keep in mind that the level of respect you receive from others is earned and how you express yourself and what you express is outcome determinative in whether you earn that respect, if any. Your post above demonstrates that you have no respect for yourself. Words are powerful things. If you speak positive you will reap positive. If you speak negative you will reap negative. Can there truly be any doubt why you never get the girl, or the job, or the promotion? What have you ever accomplished in your life? Speak up ThaiMex – I”m a girl calling you out on your nonsense – why should anyone on this blog respect you?

        • He is a useless, delusional, immature little boy. It is so apparent. This blog is his entire existence. Bill Sharman was a great guy, athlete, and human being. 180 degrees different than little buck hole.

        • Sally….are you a little attention starved? Been a while since your little “MONEY MAKER” was stirred? You sound like Paralegal’s Mommy?
          BTW…if you’re really a “Girl”, then that helps explain the lifestyle of a lot of men….Know what I’m sayin’?
          Whats with the whole “RESPECT” thing? Why are you so consumed with “RESPECT”? My guess is…you had a couple too many one night flings, and kept asking if you’d be respected in the morning…They never called back, did they? Don’t get me wrong…some of my best female friends work on their backs…..but they NEVER, EVER, NAG.
          fit Un!

      • You may be too young to realize that before the late great Trojan Jerry Buss turned the Lakers around, they were known as the perennial losers to the Celtics. Back then being a Laker fan was like rooting for the Red Sox pre-2004- constant heartbreak and a guaranteed loss to the Celts in the Finals. Older Laker fans still carry the scars despite all the success since 1980.

  2. He also invented the morning shootaround, still used by every NBA team.
    He was also the Laker GM who drafted Magic Johnson and put the pieces together for the showtime era.

    Quite a guy.

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