23 thoughts on “College Football Playoff Trophy Unveiled

  1. Can you please display a picture of buckets “Lombard” trophy
    I heard it’s a dumpster made out of faux gold, nice!

  2. What would you have named it Scottie (or any of your minions)? This should be good.

  3. Has anyone from ucla seen a crystal football before? A rose bowl in less than 20 years? a full size practice field? good looking cheer leaders?
    It must be hard to be a bRuin…

    • I think Pete pawned off the crystal for some L&L BBQ mentioned in an earlier post. Secondly, it is not likely you have ever had enough game to score a cheerleader from either school.

  4. When will Scott learn that there are types of humor other than sarcasm
    I mean, how about “this trophy is not much, but it was all college football could afford after what they will be paying their amateur footballers”
    Or, SUCLA protested a more impressive and expensive trophy because they will never get one
    And SUCLA did earn one-half of a football trophy in ’54 when Ohio State was not eligible to come to the Rose Bowl, and SUCLA still is sore about how their trophy
    was encased in Ripley’s Believe it Or Not (in your lifetime you won’t ever see this again)

    • 1955 RB – Ohio St 20 – SUCC 7. SUCC got 1955 RB nod because UCLA appeared in the 1954 RB. Admit it SUCCster’s, the 1955 RB should have been Ohio St. vs UCLA for the whole enchilada, instead of the split vote NC poll selection.

    • We earned 4 shared titles in 1939, 1974, 1978 and 2003, do you want to devalue those also?

  5. And my post didn’t get through calling that body part what it is. So silly.

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