Player Spotlight: Jim Hardy


USC quarterback Jim Hardy (21) was MVP of the 1945 Rose Bowl, a 45-0 victory over Tennessee. Hardy lettered in 1943-45. He was the eighth player selected in the 1945 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins and played in the NFL from 1946-52. He made the Pro Bowl in 1950 and then later became general manager of the Coliseum.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Back in 1952, he autographed bucket’s leather helmet.

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  • NMSF

    Hardy led USC to consecutive victories in the 1944 and 1945 Rose
    Bowls. The Trojans beat Washington in the 1944 game, 29-0, and Tennessee
    in 1945, 25-0.

    He was the Rose Bowl MVP in 1945.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      While while real men were trying to win WW II. I fine it truly lowball that SUCC would take credit/boast about wins against competition depleted by young men who decided their country was more important than football games.

      • Sally Cushing

        Do you plan to enlist when you turn 18?

      • Tom Oday

        Hardy played against stiffs like Bob Waterfield, Don Paul, Tom Fears, Burr Baldwin, et-al of UCLA. They all served in the military between ’41 and ’45. Ironically they, along with Kenny Washington, played together on the ’48 L.A. Rams. Baldwin with the L.A. Dons. A “real man” would never bash a ninety-one year old Southern California area legend. They were all S.C. legends. Troll On/Shill On!

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    I don’t know what got Scott on to discussing so much USC football. Whatever it is, he should take more of it.

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    thanks for the sweeeet history lessons, wolflman!!!


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    Darn, bring back those open faced helmets. One, you can see that there are earhlings inside them, and two, it would cut down on the kamikaze head-leading tackles