What Is For Sale? Everything

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James Brosher/South Bend Tribune

USC announced that if you are a season-ticket holder, for an extra $1,500 that you and a guest can run out of the Coliseum tunnel with the Trojans before a game. How much to suit up for a game? Or call a play?

For $750, Steve Sarkisian will meet you on field two hours before kickoff and sign a replica helmet for you. Here are all the offers

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  1. First they put a shanty town in the end zone, now they are letting fat drunk idiots waddle out with the players??? The Poor Cousins ARE hard up for dough!!!

    wolfman as always you are 15-20 moves ahead of HH!!!


  2. Scottie: you forgot to mention your famous photo with the songs girls going for $750.

      • Your the comment killer. All threads stop when you make a lame comment. Please stick to wiping Scotty’s chin and watching fox news.

        • “Your”? Please Layla, make a note that the next time you attempt to lecture on “lameness”, to have your hubby Lane check your spelling. Your Florida education is showing, lib. But it’s to be expected of PMSNBC viewers.

          • How Fing lame can you get. Outside of bucket, you’re the biggest problem this blog has. Go back to the playground

          • TrojanFan3.0 • 4 months ago

            Sounds like a slow day at the playground!
            Another CowPolyFan recycled Summer Rerun!

          • TrojanFan3.0 • 3 months ago

            ….and you have mental issues
            Another Summer Rerun from the Tourette’s Syndrome poster boy, CowPolyFan3.0.

  3. Crazy prices. Are they that short of funds? Somebody actual sat down and thought this stuff up. It seems to me that a lot of this should happen for the folks that have season tickets and should be done as a courtesy and as a thank you.

  4. What happened, the Pac-12 got something like $20 mil each from a sweetheart t.v. deal, and now the school is trying to squeeze $1500 out of Trojan egotists.


  5. If they sell all of these offers they will get $28,500. Not a whole lot compared to the total revenue of football. These could be some nice gifts by season ticket holders to clients/fans or they can enjoy the experience themselves. It is called entrepreneurship/capitalism, something foreign to the socialists at UCLA and the leftist press! I’m sure the big donors get way more perks than this.

    • Quite the stretch there Golden Shower Trojan. Don’t let facts get in the way of your asinine argument. It’s varies from cheesy to sleazy depending upon the item(s) selected. I wonder which one NOBs is going after. I think even NOBs has too much class to sleaze out around the cheerleaders.

      • I thought you didn’t take this stuff seriously ProbyU? That’s what you just said. Yet you’re over here again, usually every day, this time pontificating on USC’s money raising efforts and tactics, using words like cheesy and sleazy and asinine. One can easily tell you’re not serious at all.

        • I’m not. And selling stuff is not serious either. Kind of childish in fact for an adult…would be nice for an adult to purchase for a kid though. But trust me, none of this stuff is serious. Serious is the stuff happening in the Middle East…not sports…as much as I enjoy it like everyone else.

          • Absurd response. Serious Middle Eastern politics is irrelevant. This board is about USC sports. You and your Troll pals frequent a rival’s site to make derogatory potshots every day. Less than one per cent of all Bruin fans would ever even think of Trolling here as they would view that as childish in the extreme. I could say it’s asinine, cheesy and sleazy for you to even be here, because it is. I’d certainly be saying that about myself if I were posting daily on some Bruin site.

        • I’m not. And selling stuff is not serious either. Kind of childish in fact for an adult…would be nice for an adult to purchase for a kid though. But trust me, none of this stuff is serious. Serious is the stuff happening in the Middle East…not sports…as much as I enjoy it like everyone else.

      • I don’t need to pay PU, I’m already an insider and can do what I want. Unlike you, a boot licker to the bRuins and have never given them a dime.

    • Well it does explain the Nike shoes on the McKay statue. I hope they received more than $28,500 for that permanent ad on campus.

  6. You dummies are doing it all wrong. Go public and the taxpayers give you the money. You don’t even have to win games to get the dough.

    Same ol SCCC. Can’t even get paid right.

  7. $750 bucks for a replica helmet signed by “I haven’t coached a game yet” Sarksian and “Milktoast” Haden? A fool and their money is soon parted. Is USC really so hard up for cash they have to debase the football team? Wasn’t the Kiffin experience enough? This is really pitiful and vulgar. Even UCLA has enough dignity and self-respect not to do this. What’s next? Horsey rides for the kiddies on Traveler?

    There was a time when this sort of peddling was beneath USC. Now? It’s the new normal. The only way to save USC from becoming chintzy and tacky is for USC fans to become European-style football hooligans. Else, they become the low-rent version of the Stanford fan base.

  8. If UCLA could ‘sell’ anything they should do it – they can’t, won’t or don’t know how to – then again the fan base has no money – their war cry “…we are the 99%!” – Yes you are and welcome to it.

  9. Shouldn’t the head coach be more concerned about his team, rather than a “game day ” experience for some rich fan? This is so stupid.

  10. Typical Wolf journalism, many schools offer such packages but he makes it sound like USC is the only one. I have friends who have bought and participated at Auburn and Florida State.

    • Typical knee jerk rah rah reaction. Don’t excuse bad behavior by pointing out the equally bad behavior of others. We should have higher standards than Auburn and Florida State.

  11. Bring back the beer – USC is not a sewer laden with uneducated bottom dwellers like that of UCLA game in Pasadena. We can handle a few or twenty beers a game. That is some revenue.

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