Cody Kessler On O’Brien Watch List

USC QB Cody Kessler was named to the watch list for the Davey O’Brien Award. Full list after the jump:

2014 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award® Watch List

Anthony Boone (Duke, Senior)

Terrance Broadway (Louisiana, Senior)

Shane Carden (East Carolina, Senior)

Rakeem Cato (Marshall, Senior)

Connor Cook (Michigan State, Junior)

Jeff Driskel (Florida, Junior)

Cody Fajardo (Nevada, Senior)

Devin Gardner (Michigan, Senior)

Jared Goff (California, Sophomore)

Everett Golson (Notre Dame, Junior)

Garrett Grayson (Colorado State, Senior)

Christian Hackenberg (Penn State, Sophomore)

Connor Halliday (Washington State, Senior)

Grant Hedrick (Boise State, Senior)

Taylor Heinicke (Old Dominion, Senior)

Taysom Hill (BYU, Junior)

Kevin Hogan (Stanford, Junior)

Brett Hundley (UCLA, Junior)

Matt Johnson (Bowling Green, Junior)

Chuckie Keeton (Utah State, Senior)

Taylor Kelly (Arizona State, Senior)

Cody Kessler (USC, Junior)

Trevor Knight (Oklahoma, Sophomore)

Sean Mannion (Oregon State, Senior)

Marcus Mariota (Oregon, Junior)

Nick Marshall (Auburn, Senior)

Hutson Mason (Georgia, Senior)

Braxton Miller (Ohio State, Senior)

John O’Korn (Houston, Sophomore)

Bryce Petty (Baylor, Senior)

Dak Prescott (Mississippi State, Junior)

Keenan Reynolds (Navy, Junior)

Joel Stave (Wisconsin, Junior)

P.J. Walker (Temple, Sophomore)

Bo Wallace (Ole Miss, Senior)

J.W. Walsh (Oklahoma State, Junior)

Jake Waters (Kansas State, Senior)

Davis Webb (Texas Tech, Sophomore)

Jameis Winston (Florida State, Sophomore)

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  • B.Miller

    CONGRATS TO KESSLER.. well deserved.. play hard and compete.. Doesn’t matter where you start its how you finish! Kid will surprise people this year.. ON A SIDE NOTE….

    THOSE NEW “LA STEEL” F UCLA UNIFORMS ARE TERRIBLE! Looks like someone spilled baby blue and copper paint together and rubbed their bare butt in it!

    • thanks for the tip!! those unis are PHAT!!!

      Jack “Big Bang” Wang is probably typing up the story as we speak!!

      must suck to be locked into 70’s Pimp style Burgandy and Yellow unis with Black shoes and white socks…..but now with SHINY HELMETS!!!!!


      • B.Miller

        Classic, originals.. USC = tradition!
        Butt Print unis = F UCLA!

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Wash. St. 10 – SUCC 7 @ the Mausoleum. Very rich tradition indeed.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            Zero BCS wins!

          • B.Miller

            50-0 Sounds rich to me

        • ThaiMex

          Tradition……just like the NIKE shoe’s on the McKay statue!…. Now that’s CLASSIC!
          fit Un!

          • B.Miller

            Better than Adidas

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Why all the white stains on your special sweater?

        I know, every stain has a story behind it


        • gotroy22

          TrojanFan3.0. Six months ago
          It had white stains on it….ouch!!!
          Another Summer rerun from CowPolyFan3.0.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            It sure did! Were you a contributor?

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      On another side note BM, pretty much every Big 5 Conference team OB is on the O’Brien Award watch list. CK’s name will disappear from consideration after the Stanford loss. Stanford is going to have the SUCC golf carts covered.

      • B.Miller

        I will not say you are right, I will not say you are wrong.. I will say.. we shall see..
        You have to understand… Stanford doesn’t give USC trouble. The trouble for USC comes from fast offensive teams, because of USC’s lack of depth.. They are exhausted by the 3 and 4th quarters..
        but we shall see..

    • Winner

  • Mike 70

    Scott is asleep at the switch once again. USC-Alabama in 2016!! Scott must have overslept…

    • everybody’s a wannabe reporter on this freakin’ site!!!

      the wolfman always CORROBORATES his stories with two independent sources, PRIOR to reporting, like you are SUPPOSED to do in journalism!!

      you gobble up your unsubstantiated internet debris, i would rather WAIT for the LEGIT reportage from the WOLFMAN!!!

      • Helen

        … and you said that with a straight face?

        • I have never more serious in my life.


      • timtrojan

        LOL. Unless Scotty is checking with you and mommy I dont think he has two people who would take his calls.

        • gotroy22

          And it’s all about being liked, isn’t it Layla? My god you sound like a schoolgirl.

          • timtrojan

            No, it’s about being respected and not having snarky negative slant on everything. A mother is always the last to know. Just like you on this blog Scotty has no respect. 90% of the people who visit this blog are UCLA honks loving Scotty’s vitriol or USC people who get a kick out of the meaningless slop delivered daily.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Timmy, you’re quite the SUCC mathematician. I count 9 SUCCster and 3 troll threads. So that means the classy Bruin trolls have contributed just 25% of the comments on this topic as of 12:19am, 7/17/2014. Do you play poker Timmy?

          • timtrojan

            Yes, as stated Bruin trolls and USC fans who like to make fun of Scott. Try a reading comprehension course.

      • Mike 70

        good lord, what a tool…

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Where is all the exclusive stuff?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Where is all the exclusive stuff?

  • Ben Factor

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that 35 QBs are on this watch list? The selection committee will be watching all right–5-to-10 games every Saturday.

    No one will ever accuse the O’Brien Award organization of being exclusionary, or lazy.