USC Morning Buzz: Bill Nelsen In Friday’s Player Spotlight


Players like USC quarterback Bill Nelsen make writing these vignettes fun. Nelsen led the Trojans in total offense in 1960-61 and helped lead an upset of UCLA in in John McKay’s first season. He also played in 1962 when USC won a national title. But Nelsen often took a back seat to Pete Beathard.

Nelsen was just a 10th-round draft choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But his career took off in 1968, when he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. He went 9-2 in 1968 and led the Browns to the playoffs. Nelson made the Pro Bowl in 1969 and Cleveland went 10-3-1. Nelsen also led the Browns to the playoffs in 1971.

He finished his NFL career with 14,165 yards passing and 98 TDs. The Cleveland Plain Dealer named Nelsen one of the top 100 Browns of all-time in 2012 (No. 52).


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  • ThaiMex

    Very clever Wolfy…..”The Friday Player Spotlight”….The Title is kind of catchy… How ’bout we start something a little different, but kind of like the same….and call it….”The Torgan Weakly Spotlight”, recognizing weak Torgan Posters?
    Posters like weak minded “The Hard Blowin’ Samoan” (we don’t recall his username, everything about him was just so weak) brought a chuckle to this blog a few years ago when he announced, right after the sanctions kicked in, “Our 75 are better than your 85” (How’s that worked out for you knuckleheads the last two years?….and….. The Hard Blowin’ Samoan hasn’t been heard from since).
    Be sure to check back with us next week when we feature another WEAK Torgan Poster often described as being dumber than a sack of hammers.
    fit Un knuckleheads!

    • Thai, this is just ANOTHER example of why you are C-Buck’s ROLE MODEL and MENTOR!!!

      talk about takin’ the trOXans downtown to CHINA TOWN!!!

      the “trogan WEAKLY spotlight”!!!


      • Jethro G Sabbath

        He’s a role model because he puts up comments that get deleted?

        • gotroy22

          That would make CowPolyFan3.0 a role model!

        • Gina-D can be a stern mistress.

    • Sally Cushing

      As you’ve never accomplished anything in your pathetic life, and most certainly nothing approaching the accomplishments of Messrs. Nelsen and Beathard, you walk your dog on the USC lawn believing that it makes you a somebody. Here’s a reality check for you. You are a nobody, you little snot.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    My brother and I sat in the rain for both frosh and varsity games for that upset of ucla,we were teenagers,and I think in addition to Nelson,the McKeever Bros were on that team(Mike and Marlin) although I believe Mike had suffered that injury at cal that ended it all for him…it was fun to think back on this,as McKay was bringing SC back to prominence…there was excitement in the air,still two way players too…Bill Nelson really was a good q/b.

  • john wolcott

    That was a fun time with Nelson and Beathard both having their supporters. The revolving 2-quarterback system worked back then. Of course much of that was because both of these guys were really good

  • ThaiMex

    Let’s not forget the Hard Blowin’ Samoan, folks…He was a loyal true Torgan Fan, until they started losing.
    fit Un!

    • Thai!!!
      LEVEL 5 CADRE ALERT!!!!!!
      NUBSIE’s ID revealed……see “USC RECRUITING RANKINGS” string!!!
      all the CADRE’s resources will be brought to bear!!!!!

      • ThaiMex

        I’m predicting his Lap Dog Lover turns out to be someone like Carl Rove!
        fit Un!