1960 Playboy All-American Team


As you look up at the team, here are USC’s first Playboy All-Americans: Defensive end Marlin McKeever (86) and his twin brother, offensive guard Mike McKeever (68). Both were All-Americans at USC. The rest of the Playboy team is identified after the jump.

Clockwise from ten o’clock: Dick Thornton — Quarterback — Northwestern; Calvin Bird — Halfback — Kentucky; Bill Brown — Fullback — Illinois; Fred Mautino — End — Syracuse; Ken Rice — Tackle — Auburn; Mike McKeever — Guard — USC; E. J. Holub — Center — Texas Tech; Tom Brown — Guard — Minnesota; Robert Lilly — Tackle — Texas Christian; Marlin McKeever — End — USC; Ernie Davis — Halfback — Syracuse. Not pictured: Johnny Vaught — Coach of the Year — Ole Miss.

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    • Reading comprehension, Mikey, is very important. The 1960 Playboy FB All-American team was the publication’s inaugural team selection. So Mikey, your “And again,” is therefore an extremely absurd observation. Tsk,tsk. And again Mikey, nobody is surprised by your ignorance.

      • Actually, you might want to go back and read it again. It mentions USC’s first All-Americans but nothing about it being the publication’s first.

          • Nice try. You make a big deal about reading comprehension and in the same post you demonstrate that it is not one of your strengths.
            Attempting to change the subject doesn’t erase that.

          • It is about time for “owns” to change his blog name again because he is so stupid, right “owns?”

          • My handle will only change when the SUCC Men’s Soccer team manages to defeat UCLA’s Men’s Soccer team.

          • Who was he before this? His complete lack of logic during a debate seems familiar.

          • Let’s see,

            After bringing up reading comprehension and giving a classic example of how it’s not done, instead of admitting you made a mistake you have brought up
            J. Ogden, men’s soccer, Superbowl quarterbacks, OJ, Wendell Tyler, last years score and women’s softball.

      • Sorry. Wrong again. Playboy first published an AA team in ’57. No UCLA player was picked until 1966. By then, numerous USC players had been selected. And again…USC always ahead of UCLA. Care to know how many more Playboy AAs have gone to USC instead of UCLA? And again…not even close. Two USC players, Lott and Munoz, make the all-time team for Playboy’s first 50 years. Nobody from UCLA. And yet again,

          • Sorry I embarrassed your bruin friend. You need to learn to not take these things so personally Crotch Boy. Be more mindful of your limitations, please.

          • Jacky Blah, embarrass me with facts, not reconstituted Rah-Rah from a 1960 magazine. How many SUCC AA’s has the SUCC women’s Softball team produced?

          • Here’s a 2013 (not a 1960) fact Jacky Blah: UCLA 35 – SUCC 14. How many SUCC losers were on the Playboy PRE-SEASON AA team. Who cares. UCLA owns LA football.

          • nobody calls us that except a bunch of delirious trolls who have nothing to do in life except post on a competitors blog.
            Try hard and get a meaningful life, you know a family, job, outside activities.

        • How many AA’s has the SUCC men’s Soccer team produced?

          Scott promoted the above pix as the first (1st) Playboy AA team. You say Scott has that wrong, w/o a shred of evidence. I’m going with Scott until you fish or drown.

          Yes SUCC has had more Playboy PRE-SEASON AA’s – BFD

          Jacky Blah, how many Super Bowls have prior SUCC QB’s started and won or lost. It’s not were you start, but where you finish.

          • Try to remember, this is about American football. Let’s see. USC has more Hall-of-Famers in both college and the NFL, by far. Head to head, you little bruins are our slave, by a large margin. We have won the most Rose Bowl games by far. You never even get to play in the game. USC has the most football All-Americas of any school in the country. Also the most first round draft choices. Also the most conference championships – you haven’t won in forever. Do you even have a Heisman winner? And by the way. USC kicked Troy Aikman all over the field. Even he couldn’t beat us. I could go on and on, but you get the gist. It’s a slaughter in the POST-SEASON. Then again, you’re so lame, you think Playboy’s first AA team was in 1960. Anyone who can read, uniike yourself, knows you are wrong again. Thanks for playing. Please bring in a first-team Troller. You bench bruins are a laugh.

          • See the players in the picture at the top of this thread bench-warmer? Those are called football helmets. Go Manchester United!

          • Your superficial opinions are not facts. Question Jacky Blah, for the second time: Name one prior SUCC QB to start a Super Bowl and win or lose? OJ is in the HoF, so what; how many Super Bowls was he in. Wendell Tyler, a former UCLA tailback, was victorious in three Super Bowls. I bow to SUCC’s superior representation in Playboy’s PRE-SEASON AA old-time feature. How many of the P/S AA’s were actually honored as AA’s? Just the Football Facts Jacky Blah.

          • How you guys doing in the Gauntlet? USC always wins. Head-to-head baby. We beat you every year. Well, almost every year. FACT benchwarmer.

          • I thought we’re talking just FB. For the third time Jacky Blah, name one former SUCC QB (Playboy AA or not) to start a Super Bowl and win or lose?

          • Is that your claim to fame? Aikman, the guy who couldn’t beat us. Oh that’s right. Rodney Peete, who wasn’t a Super Bowl QB, destroyed Aikman.

            I knew you wouldn’t like me bringing up the Gauntlet. Once again, you bruins are so weak there.

          • So you mean to say – no former SUCC QB has ever started a Super Bowl. LOL. Jacky Blah, SUCC FB is nothing more than a stepping stone to the big time – Pro FB, the NFL.

        • Given the choice between Munoz or J. Ogden, Jacky Blah, which tackle do you think the majority of NFL HC’s would chose to start as their left tackle?

    • “Who needs tradition when we own LA” says every lame bRUIN on this site! 3 win in 15 years.. wait for it….. Build up……
      8 clap!

  1. Guessing the beat writer at the Daily News was apoplectic when SCCC ditched that yellow stripe. Tradition… Tradition… Oh the humanity.

      • Don’t forget the all white, tampon uniforms that they wore during the 50-0 massacre…….

        • Notre Dame 51 – SUCC 0; Michigan 49 – SUCC 0. History works both ways bleuz

          • Yes, but I don’t recall USC ever wearing all white……it was like watching a Q-Tip convention…….

          • I’m pretty sure SUCC was wearing its Ripple and Puke colors for Notre Dame. For the Michigan game bleuz, you’ll need to consult SUCC’s historical records – does SUCC record its ugly losses?

          • I’m impressed that you had color TV back in those days, gramps…..you may want to adjust the color on the screen though….and every team, including USC, record their wins AND their losses, ugly or otherwise….try the Google machine……it knows everything….

  2. Man talk about the end of an ‘era’ – looks like the current ethnicity of LAFD – nearly all white and all related.

  3. Ah, yesterday U! What used to be certainly ain’t no more! Eh, John Larson?

  4. I think Hugh Heffner has his hands full and doesn’t necessarily do the best job of making selections.

  5. I think Hugh Heffner has his hands full and doesn’t necessarily do the best job of making selections.

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