USC Offers To Let QB Walk-On

Don’t blame scholarship limitations for this one. Last week, USC offered Righetti quarterback Conor Regan a spot as a preferred walk-on. What is unusual is that Regan still has his senior season ahead of him.

“This is pretty crazy, not many kids get preferred walk-on spots to a big school like USC,” Regan told the Santa Maria Times.

Regan still has plenty of time to draw scholarship offers from other schools so it is too soon to consider him a USC player.

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  • Trogan Fan

    When Town opens it back up, this could get interesting.

    • timtrojan

      Nice to have options.

      • Ben Factor

        This one does puzzle me. What’s the plan here? Or more accurately, what’s the point here?

        I assume USC doesn’t offer preferred walk-on status to anyone who might CONCEIVABLY get a scholarship offer.

        So Regan wants to practice with the team? Sark wants that?

        Does Regan think he might eventually start?

        I must be stupid, so somebody educate me. Why, Sark? Why, Regan?

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Ricky Town can’t be happy that SUCC got another good QB commit. Suddenly, Town is no longer a shoot-in starter. Town will no doubt review his commitment options.

          What Sark has to really worry about is the very possible transfer of Mr. Browne. Why he hasn’t already is a real mystery. Should Browne transfer, SUCC’s QB depth chart will be stocked only with inexperienced freshmen. In that event, Sark would have to spent the year protecting his #1 QB at the expense of the development of Sark’s new offense.

          • Trogan Fan

            Like I said, Town will re-open shortly. Look for him to end up at Oregon State. Seriously.

  • ProbationU

    He might have to pay for his education, but he does get to run out of the tunnel for free!

    • Sally Cushing

      …and be set for life, career-wise.

      • Trogan Fan

        haha, like Leinart and JDB! I hear JDB is a scrub at some SC dude’s RE firm now!

        • SaferInWestwood

          You didn’t even mention back up to the back Mark “Booty fumble” Sanchez, ha!

        • Mike 70

          and what is Cade McNoon doing now? you have quite an illustrious string of qb’s that are probably picking shet with the chickens. get it “owns.”

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            When you locate him, ask him. FYI Mikey, McNown never loss a game to SUCC. Cheers.

          • Trogan Fan

            He’s a VP at LourdMurray in Beverly Hills. Doing just fine! More successful than JDB on and off the field!

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Mikey lives in Barstow with five Bobobo’s and collects aluminum cans and cardboard to meet expenses. SUCC education in action.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Don’t forget Sean “Dead Spins, Man of the Year” Salisbury

      • ProbationU

        And unless his parents are well-off, he might be saddled with $250,000 worth of student debt. So, I hope it’s a great career! I will agree that SC is a fine school. The question that a lot of young people have to consider is if it is worth taking on that kind of debt, even for some of the Ivies.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Like OJ.

    • gotroy22

      But will he get free rides on Traveler during games?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        ……and you’re the guy who runs behind Traveler scooping up the road apples. Sure bets cleaning the heads everyday. Plus, you get a field level view for free, nice

        • Trogan Fan

          Didn’t go to SC.

        • gotroy22

          I heard you are the guy who follows your real alma mater’s mascot Barney The Bulldog around with a pooper scooper at all the Alan Hancock football games.

      • ProbationU

        Or better yet, walk out hand-in-hand with Wolfie, Kiffin and the Baby QB….

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        No, according to SUCC’s “Activities for Sale,” menu, a ride on Traveler is $2750.00 plus a SUCC wavier of any responsibility.