Stanford Tickets Sky High Cont.

Here’s Stanford’s official explanation on why it will gouge you for making sure you have a ticket at the USC game Sept. 6 with “Predictable Dynamic Pricing.”

USC July 22-25*    July 25-29*    July 29-Aug. 1*    Aug. 1-4*   Aug. 4-Sept. 6   
East/SunnyGoal $160  $145  $130  $115  Market Price 
Corner/Endzone $145  $130  $115  $100  Market Price 


1) It provides customers full visibility into the pricing schedule for the first two weeks of sales. Customers may choose to wait for a lower price, but risk these highly anticipated games selling out.

2) It rewards customers who are willing to pay more with first access to a limited supply of tickets and to the best seats available, as opposed to creating a frenzy to purchase the best available seats the moment they go on sale.


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  • UCLA Bleauz

    Capitalism at it’s finest…….although, it’s gotta undermine the Stanford brand by resorting to becoming the “StubHub” of the Pac-12…..unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re going to see more and more of this type of thing, in addition to the nonsense that USC are pulling with the PSL’s and the pre-game menu for season ticket holders

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Anyone remember last year when Stanford had egg on their face over the Rose Bowl tickets fiasco? Michigan State took advantage of the fact that if they put down a $100 deposit (which was later increased to $200) on 2014 season tickets, they’d secure four Rose Bowl game tickets. Michigan State fans found out and took advantage of the opportunity., leaving countless Stanford fans on the outside looking in…..

  • Jack B

    USC, aka Everybodies big game