Pac-12 Media Notes


Another strange Pac-12 media day in that it is taking place somewhere unsuited for this type of function, but Larry Scott wants glitz so it’s at Paramount Studios. Steve Sarkisian said wide receiver George Farmer is the fastest player on the team. I’m skeptical but Farmer is out of his knee brace, which is good news for him.

Leonard Williams said his injured shoulder should be “about 100 percent” for the start of training camp.

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  • Trogan Fan

    You just know NUBS is dying to tell us how Farmer will destroy UCLA this year. But where is he? Why isn’t he commenting anymore? WHY I ASK?

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Look at those beefy arms on that broad holding the microphone…….

    • gotroy22

      That’s Helen.

  • B.Miller

    gotroy22 = Michael Sondheimer

    When UCLA got rid of him, Daily News hired him


      No wonder he’s always talking about Comic Con! I always knew he gave off a “creep” vibe.

      • gotroy22

        We know why FlameOn is always talking about Comic Con Conventions. She psyched about winning this weekend with her sexy new outfit.

    • gotroy22

      BM= IBS Man of the Year. He never can win Best Star Wars Costume at the Comic Con Conventions because his body always betrays him during the stressful competitions. Poor BM!

  • Helen

    Scottie: complaining that the venue is too nice? That’s why you’re a Five Guys kind of guy.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      How does Scottie know that it was Larry Scott who wanted the “glitz”? Where else would Wolfie have felt more comfortable having it held?… at the Tilted Kilt?….

  • rusoviet

    Man talk about a ‘freeway friendly locale’ – NOT! Been better off out at Warners, Universal but maybe they’ve already done that – it was at that hotel not far from where they’re demolishing the railroad bridge over Aviation and Century last year which is probably why they didn’t reschedule – nonetheless Paramount is not an easy place to get to nor park –

    Margaritas at El Coyote!