Chris Petersen Has Not Consulted Steve Sarkisian About Washington

Washington coach Chris Petersen said he has not spoken to Steve Sarkisian about Washington’s roster since he was hired.

“No, not one time. I think it’s better for the kids. Everybody has their own opinion, and everybody gets biased, so I just don’t ask the question.”

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    So Wolf… be honest with us, for once……this was YOUR question, wasn’t it?…..I don’t blame Petersen for not reaching out to Sark for information regarding his players… why should he?….. he’s a big boy…..he can make is own decisions…….

    • ProbationU

      What Bleauz? You think a guy with Chris Petersen’s record…the guy that was actually USC’s AND UCLA’s 1st choice as a Head Coach…might actually be capable of evaluating his talent without the help of Coach Sark? Small wonder that the DN has Wang covering the Donald Sterling trial and not Wolf. Wolf is already showing signs of the dementia affecting Donald Sterling.

      • Jack B

        Petersen was not USC’s number #1 choice for the job. He was mine, but not Haden’s. Fact.

        • ProbationU

          You may be smarter than Haden! I will take your word for it. Thought I had read differently. I stand corrected.

          There would still be no reason for Sark to consult with Peterson about the US personnel.

  • Helen

    I would think his actions are SOP for any new coach coming in, especially if the previous coach is employed by your competition. Why would Sark want to help Petersen anyway?

    I guess the point of your post was to imply Petersen sees no value in receiving Sark’s opinion. Another thinly veiled attempt that fits your agenda of degrading USC.


      Is it normal for new coaches to reach out to the old for tips on your team? I know that Sarkisian has talked to Kiffin about this team, but I figured that was just because they’re buddies. Otherwise I have never heard of this happening.

      • TrojanFamily

        Especially when the old coach now coaches a conference rival.

        It seems odd anyone would think the two coaches would talk. Did Pete consult Mora when he took over for him in Seattle?

      • Ben Factor

        I think you’re on point. Kiffin and Sark coached together for two years, and continued regular contact afterward. Their families went out together, etc.Sark may think it’s wise to distance himself in the press, but it would be sort of odd not to get Kiffin’s opinion about some things.I know Kiffin wasn’t our favorite head coach, but neither are his confidential football opinions likely to be worthless. Saban is paying him good money for those opinions, and if anyone is all about results, it’s Saban.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      I suppose Sark’s near .500, five year record at U-Dub had nothing to do with it? I’m sure in Peterson’s mind, Sark had nothing relevant to offer Peterson.

  • Trogan Fan

    yeah, because Pete needs the input of a guy who was on the verge of being fired all year.

  • Trogan Fan

    yeah, because Pete needs the input of a guy who was on the verge of being fired all year.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    No biggie, but Washington has just suspended quarterback Cyler Miles for the team’s season opener against Hawaii…….