Player Spotlight: Al Krueger, Doyel Nave And A Crazy Rose Bowl


Duke entered the 1939 Rose Bowl undefeated and did not allow a point entering the game. USC trailed 3-0 with two minutes left when fourth-string quarterback/tailback Doyel Nave (bottom) entered the game.

Nave threw four straight passes to “Antelope” Al Krueger, who made the game-winning TD catch (above) by putting a move on Duke’s future College Football Hall of Famer Eric Tipton to score with 40 seconds left. Those were the only points Duke allowed all season and USC fans tore both goal posts down after the game.

Maybe the best part is how Nave entered the game. USC assistant coach Joe Wilensky manned the telephone on the sideline to assistant coaches Sam Barry, Julie Bescos and Bob McNeish in the pressbox. The trio started down to the field so Wilensky pretended he was on the phone and they suggested Nave enter the game. “Send in Nave and have him throw it to Krueger,” Wilensky shouted.

Coach Howard Jones agreed and the rest is history.


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  • timtrojan

    0 comments on UCLA board and 77 on one USC topic. Bruins obsessed much? Guess we know which team is relevant. Lets all give them an 8 clap and towel wave. Pressure is on this year you guys need minimum of Pac 12 championship or bust. Lets see how pouting Jimmy handles the pressure. 0 big wins in his tenure.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Nice crotch kick!

      • gotroy22

        TrojanFan3.0. 7 months ago
        Another CowPolyFan3.0 Summer repeat!

    • ThaiMex

      You can keep on thinking you knuckleheads are relevant and we’ll just continue on winning Division Championships and kicking your mustard and catsup rear ends every year…besides it’s great fun coming over here where KOOL AID drinking RAH RAH’s sit around reminiscing about the good old days at YESTERDAY U!
      fit Un knuckleheads

      • timtrojan

        Keep on winning division championships and hanging out on USC football blog. Typical high ruin standards.

        • gotroy22

          Layla’s standard is winning Best Star Wars Costume at the “When Nerds Attack” Comic Con Convention at San Diego. Tonight could be the night!

          • timtrojan

            Wow, somebody has a little obsession with Comic Con. Again, way to many battles and very little material. Just like your son.

          • gotroy22

            Layla caused quite a stir when she showed up for The Walking Dead panel dressed in her Princess Leia costume. Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun agreed it caused a little obsession among the cast members!

    • Aero93

      This blog is much more entertaining than the UCLA one. You’ve got a writer who seems to troll his own readers. You’ve got SC fans who squeal like a stuck pig yet they always come back for more. And you’ve got the ringmaster Bucket stirring things up.

      • WEB_Dupree

        Sadly, one of this blog’s most notorious longtime commenters has vanished. It’s like we’re missing a layer from the seven layer dip.

        • Sadly??

          yeah, we’re miissing a layer from a seven layer Sh!t-Dip…

          hey, does anyone know where Nubsie is? my FacePage told me his birthday is coming up. Where can i send a birthday card???


    • Hammers go where the nails are, paly.

      i don’t make ’em up!!!


    • Trogan Fan

      yet you feel it necessary to post about UCLA. Hmm.

    • B.Miller

      they are all from gotroy22. he has to comment on everything and everyone’s post.. Or his boss (Wolf) at the daily news will have his job..

      • timtrojan

        I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Scotty’s mom. She’s alone against the world and her quiver is empty.

  • Helen

    “Those were the only points Duke allowed all season” – really?

  • Tom Oday

    Mr. Nave wasn’t your normal fourth-string QB. He was considered the best passer on the squad and a outstanding all-around player. He earned varsity letters in 1937-38-39.

    • TrojanLights

      Hey Tom,
      Can you give me some idea of how Jim Blewett’s Manual Arts HS football teams were? Sounds like you are familiar with L.A. City football from that era.
      Thanks sir

      • Tom Oday

        Not an expert but a fan of Jim Blewett. Coached the Toilers from 1930-62 winning nine L.A. City championships in football.

  • john wolcott

    SC fans tore down the goal posts in a 7-3 game. Of course the opponent had not been scored upon all season so it must have been an incredible moment

    Those were the days my friend; we thought they’d never end

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      The fall of the House of SUCC.

      • rusoviet

        Hey Jim you look at what ‘timtrojan’ noted? Huh? No? Yeah – I got it no sense in recognizing the vacuum of interest when you can come and post here…..

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Ding, ding Neil

        • gotroy22

          You mean Layla Kiffin?

      • “Nevermore,” quoth the Cadre…

    • Golden Trojan

      And they never have!

  • TrojanFan3.0

    “Antelope” , I love the nickname! When bucket was in his prime they called him the turtle. But according to a source, he was more like a slug

  • rusoviet

    This was also the year that UCLA ‘manned up’ holding USC in a 0 – 0 tie.

    • Tom Oday

      But this USC Rose Bowl squad beat ucla 42-7 during the regular season.

  • TrojanLights

    Ahhh Doyel Nave. Another Manual Arts HS Toiler brother of mine.