Aca’Cedric Ware Commits To USC, Now About That Recruiting Ranking

Tailback Aca’Cedric Ware of Cedar Hill, Texas, committed to USC on Monday night, selecting the Trojans over Iowa, Notre Dame and Ohio State. So far, so good. But Ware is only a three-star prospect and rated the No. 35 prospect in the nation by

And why didn’t Texas offer a tailback from just outside Dallas? Or LSU and Alabama? It just demonstrates there can still be a difference of opinion these days despite the tendency of everyone to follow each other recruiting the same  prospects.

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  • gouxtroy22

    See Tim, we just had to wait for the nail polish to dry…

    • Burak Uslu

      The guy is a stud. He lead his high school team to state championship. So far, everyone who watched is in awes. However, he does have no name yet. Which is true. He already had offers from Iowa, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Sometimes the stars mean that some good teams are after you. Wait a few months, after the USC commitments he will eventually be a four stars. Of course the reason Scott took his time posting this news was finding the what about LSU, Alabama and Texas line. It is funny, how we did not get a Kiffin line from the word Alabama.

      • Ben Factor

        His offers: Ohio State, ND, OK, Tenn.,Clem, FL, Wisconsin, TX Tech, Kansas State, Arizona State. I’m not convinced by those names that USC made an error.

        I wonder what Scott thought of his video? If I recall, Scott was critical of Darnold until he watched the video. How about Ware?

        It seems relevant that only one of the top 30 true RBs on 247sports attends HS West of Texas, and he’s from Arizona. There are more APBs from the West. I don’t think one would think of Allen, Madden, or Davis as APBs, although Allen and Madden are thought to catch well. Maybe Davis catches well, too–I don’t know (I did think he was the most fun to watch run).

        • gouxtroy22

          Scott was at the same skeptical of Darnold because San Clemente only won 2 (or was it 3?) games last year with out bothering to check or realize that the kid missed almost the entire season…

    • timtrojan

      That was a 5 star prediction. Now wait for his mom to try and clean up his mess

  • Arturo

    Notable 3 Stars to make an impact at SC include Curtis McNeal, Marcus Martin, J.R.Tavaii, Chad Wheeler… I would rate SW as a three star beat writer, Charlie Bucket as a 3 Star Troll/ Blogger but Nobs as a 5 Star bigot (He has all the racist cliches down pat)

    • sas

      good point. rankings aren’t everything. all of our commits are getting low rankings by espn 300. this guy should be a sleeper.

      • Arturo

        The mother ship is infatuated with the Southeast and with Florida.

        • rusoviet

          The reason ESPN is in love with Will Muschamp and FL

          is because Muschamp is at the end of his rope – he either wins or he is gone.

    • gouxtroy22

      Scott is at least a 4 star and he tells me all the time I’m a 5 star shill…

    • Helen

      Art, let’s not forget last year’s team MVP – Javorius Allen – was a 3-star recruit coming out go high school.

      • SoCal_Native_59

        No he wasn’t. He was in the espn 150, consensus 4*.

        • Helen

          Oh yes he was. Check the Rivals link below as he is still listed as a 3-star:

 dot com/usc/football/recruiting/commitments/2011/71-62

          • SoCal_Native_59

            Like I said ESPN 150 4*.

            http://espn.go dot com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/101655/javorius-allen

          • Larry Harris

            Both are correct. Instead of calling it 3.5* and a push, how about a tie-breaker? Scout anyone? They said 3*.

          • Helen

            I’d call it a Mexican Standoff. But no denying he wasn’t rated as one of the top backs and yet has proven everyone wrong. If he has a solid year, and I suspect he will given Sark’s reputation for highlighting the RB, he will be in a good position for the draft.

  • Arturo

    Texas didn’t offer LaMicheal James and didn’t have one player drafted last year either ( James being from TX, the longhorns being shortsighted when it comes to evaluating talent).

    • SoCal_Native_59

      They didn’t offer the Rogers Bros either. Quiz was OPotY as a freshman.

  • sas

    Michael Weber from Michigan would pair up good with this dude and send a message to big10 and big12 country that SC can go there and be a threat in recruiting

  • Independent_George

    From what is being written on the boards, Ware can also play the slot, and in Sarks offense, having a tailback who can also play the slot is important.

  • TrojanLights

    I was checking Rivals top 100 last night. There frankly are not a lot of tailbacks non committed who are 4 or 5 stars left. I believe I counted 2 or 3 total who may have tools better than Ware. I believe its wise for USC to grab a few 3 star players at this stage as we have a number of slots to fill and there may not be enough 4 and 5 star players still out there available, who are interested in USC, or address our needs.

    We dont want to be come up short and leave slots open as we did in Kiffins last year here.

  • typical Rah-Rahs!! when Southern Cal lands a 5 star (doesn’t happen too much anymore) everyone is crowing like a bunch of roosters!!

    but when you Dummies sign a 3 star…ratings don’t matter much!!

    as for me, so be safe, i just listen to what the WOLFMAN has to say on the subject!! when HE says a kid is a player, you can take that to the BANK!!

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Yeah we only got 2 last year, and 5 the year before. dab

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Please don’t confuse Bucket with FACTS!

  • SoCal_Native_59

    anyone can count stars and send out offers. Good recruiters evaluate talent and offer players that fit the system. The tape doesn’t lie. He’s a baller. he played behind good senior backs last year on the state champion. He’ll be featured in the offense this season, expect his stock to rise. I suspect he’ll be ranked a 4* after they evaluate some game tape this season. Good get for SC. FO.

    • Independent_George

      Don’t forget all the five-star flameouts: Whitney Lewis (Grades), Dillon Baxter (attitude), Vidal Hazelton, Kyle Prater & Ty Isaac (not good enough)

      • SoCal_Native_59

        Issac didn’t flameout.

        • Independent_George

          He was fourth string under Kiffin, fourth string under Sark. A walk-on got more and better carries in the spring than Isaac did.

          Almost half of those yards were during the Cal game.

          Maybe he isn’t a “flameout”, but that isn’t exactly a five-star resume.

          • UCLA Bleauz

            Marcus Allen was recruited as a defensive back. In his very first season, in 1978, he was a back up to Charles White, who won the Heisman. The next year, he was moved to fullback, and never complained. In his junior year, he was the third leading rusher in the nation, behind George Rogers and Herschel Walker. In his record breaking senior year, Marcus rushed for 2.342 yards and won the Heisman Trophy….there was a time when players waited patiently, and paid their dues, before starting, especially for an elite program………

      • UCLA Bleauz

        It’s a little too early to judge Ty Isaac as being not good enough, IMO… on with the rest……and you may as well throw in Mitch Mustain, for good measure…….

  • Trogan Fan

    Love it! Sark following (slowly) UCLA into Texas, and coming up short. Follow ON!

  • dmac713

    Rank ’em any way you want, I saw Ware a few times in the last few years, including against Allen, and he can flat play. As an SC fan, I’m stoked.

  • Isaiahdolan

    I do wonder why we are signing 3 star players this early.