Coach Spotlight: Mel Hein

If Mel Hein coached at USC today, chances are he would far overshadow Coach O, Steve Sarkisian, Lane Kiffin or anyone else that figured prominently as an assistant coach. Hein was an assistant coach at USC from 1951-65. And no coach around USC boasted his background.

He played for the New York Giants from 1931-45 and was the NFL’s MVP in 1938 despite playing center. Hein was a member of the NFL’s 50th and 75th anniversary all-time teams. He was an all-pro five times and led Washington State to an undefeated regular season and Rose Bowl berth in 1931. Hein coached the defensive line, linebacker and offensive line at USC.


Mel Hein (third from left) was part of an all-star coaching staff in 1959 that featured USC coach John McKay (second from right), legendary USC assistant Marv Goux (third from right), Raiders owner Al Davis (second from left), Texas A&M coach and former USC player Ray George (far left) and former USC and NFL player Jim Sears (far right). The least prominent figure is the head coach, Don Clark.

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  • Can you ever think straight? Hard to follow who’s who with your bended order of naming the coaches…

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      Most people would just start from left to right and name them in order.. But not our prolific USC insider! and his mom goatroy22

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  • Yale O. Leftwich

    EXCELLENT article…he started coaching SC when I started going to the games,he was all you stated.