Don’t Forget Stanford Tickets Dropped


General admission seats for the Stanford-USC game on Sept. 6 are down to $115-$130 today!

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  • Toejam For Life

    They usually reduce general admission seats for inferior competition! Just like the Las Vegas Bowl! 5-7 On!

    • B.Miller

      bRUINS had a 10 win season and where did they end up last year?


        Wasn’t that their most successful season during the BCS era? LOL!

        • Jack B

          You can’t make this stuff up. The little gutties, the bridesmaids of the west! Even when they’re “good”, they’re bad. Never won a BCS bowl, never play in the RB game, never win the conference. Their main claim to fame now is they’re gonna get an on-campus 100 yd field for the first time and if they can sell some more lemonade, they might build a modern football facility that looks exactly like other boring boxes that have already been built.

          • Helen

            Don’t forget their 5-7 Rose Bowl record – I haven’t.

          • Jack B

            I never knew that. No wonder they don’t seem to care they never get into the game. bruins know they’re going to lose anyway. It’s a ucla thang.

  • TrojanLights

    Actually those are not general admission seats. That $115. price is for a Reserved Corner Endzone Ticket.

    • Jack B

      Thanks for the REAL INSIDE USC info.