A Slight Radio Change

I hear that USC radio analyst Paul McDonald will not be back for this season. McDonald took last year off to watch his son play at New Mexico State and planned to return this year. But John Jackson, who did a nice job last year, will be the radio analyst this season.

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  • Go Tama

    Now if they would only get rid of that gas bag Arboghast.

    I’m sure he could make a nice living on some infomercial selling male enhancement products, I bet Bucket would buy everything they had.

    • i need ’em. your old lady is insatiable!!

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Easy big guy, you can do better than sink to Nobs’ level. Tama obviously has short pencil issues and feels the need to share his handicap with his fellow SUCCster’s.

        • OMG you’re right….I don’t think that was too bad!!!

          I am CLEARLY suffering from Post-Traumatic Nubs Syndrome!!!

          I apologize, Go Tama.

  • rusoviet

    Go Tama – you’re right.

    Chris Roberts is hanging it up shortly for UCLA – I sure wish they’d hire him and get rid of Arboghast – “How do you do!” high grade version of Rex Hudler

    • carter

      Chris Roberts is the worst thing about any broadcast of any ucla event.
      He even makes “How do you do” sound professional.
      And PA is even better than Tom Kelly, which says more than you need to know!

      • rusoviet

        .”Bristol Farms has the finest in meats, wines, cheeses and those exotic items you can’t find anywhere else…..when I need anything overpriced and phony as I am I go to where I know you’ll get hosed – I am the shill for Bristol Farms!’

        I’d love to see cartoonist Ted Rall do a three panel on Arboghast

        Once again with his signature ‘How do you do!’ show him with a glass of ‘fume blanc’ avec and a open humidor of Monte Cristo ‘gars and some ‘sistah’ from West 28th who just stepped on that ping pong ball.