The 1963 Playboy All-American Team

Playboy 1963 All-American Team.jpg

That’s USC wide receiver Hal Bedsole (19) and two-time All-American lineman Damon Bane (64). I’m running this picture mainly to spotlight Bame, who deserves to be in the USC Hall of Fame.

He was on the 1963 national championship team besides being a two-time All-American and was twice named USC lineman of the year. Bame was also a two-time all-conference selection.

Full team after the jump:

Top row, left to right: Ken Kortas, Tackle — Louisville; Jim Kelly, End — Notre Dame; Harrison Rosdahl, Tackle — Penn State; Hal Bedsole, End — USC. Middle Row, left to right: Jack Cvercko, Guard — Northwestern; Dick Butkus, Center — Illinois; Damon Bame, Guard — USC; Ara Parseghian, Coach of the Year — Northwestern. Bottom Row, left to right: Rick Leeson, Fullback — Pittsburgh; Marv Woodson, Halfback — Indiana; Tom Myers, Quarterback — Northwestern; Larry Dupree, Halfback — Florida

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  • Mike 70

    Guess who is not represented? Yep once again “Owns.”

  • Edward Ul;loa

    Didn’t they wear facemasks in 1963?

    • Go Tama

      I think they did the one bar facemask so you could see their faces, just a guess.

  • Go Tama

    1 black, 10 whites, racism for sure

  • old_trojan_93

    I’ve noticed that in a lot of these photos, the few black players are either sandwiched between players from a team up north or when they are next to a player from the south, that player seems to edge over to the other player next to him.

    I can only wonder what the players from the segregationist era SEC had to say about being on the same “team” (albeit a one time only photo shoot) with a “Negro” (as the term was used back then)