1965 Playboy All-American Team Update

OK, what is wrong with the picture below? Mike Garrett is taking the picture with the defense instead of the offense. Maybe he was not there when the offense took its picture. After the jump are pictures of the offense and defense with the names of the players.


Front row: Jack Shinholser, guard (Florida State). Second row: Casimir Banaszek, end (Northwestern); Stan Dzura, tackle (California); Bill Yearby, tackle (Michigan); Aaron Brown, end (Minnesota). Third row: Bill Cody, linebacker (Auburn); Carl McAdams, linebacker (Oklahoma); Tom Cecchini, linebacker (Michigan). Back row: Rodger Bird, halfback (Kentucky); Bruce Bennett, safety (Florida); Mike Garrett, halfback (USC).


Front row: Paul Crane, center (Alabama); Jerry Burns, Coach of the Year (Iowa). Second row: Karl Noonan, end (Iowa); George Rice, tackle (Louisiana State); Stan Hindman, guard (Mississippi); Dick Arrington, guard (Notre Dame); John Niland, tackle (Iowa); Rick Kestner, end (Kentucky). Third row: Nick Eddy, halfback (Notre Dame); Gary Snook, quarterback (Iowa); Floyd Little, halfback (Syracuse). Rear: Jim Grabowski, fullback (Illinois).



w: Paul Crane, center (Alabama); Jerry Burns, Coach of the Year (

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  • Independent_George

    Typical. Offense probably took its picture during his nap time.

  • lenlen

    In 1965, players played both ways, as two platoon was not allowed