USC Offers KJ Costello

Two quarterback scholarship offers in one day as USC offers Santa Margarita quarterback KJ Costello. The Trojans have now offered three quarterbacks from 2016: Costello, Shea Patterson and Malik Henry of Westlake.

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    Gee, Wolfman…..maybe you opened up USC’s eyes for not offering Travis Waller, for which you repeatedly berated them for?….or perhaps these QB’s simply fit better into our system, or are better players?

  • B.Miller

    I knew USC would offer Malik Henry, but I think USC has enough QB talent.. Can they skip a year of Offering QB’s?

    • Independent_George

      Doesn’t work that way. You do that and you will get screwed. People get hurst,. transfer, turn out not to be very good. Kids at the last minute change minds for various reasons.

      MSU was convinced that Cam Newton was coming, to the point they stopped recruiting all other QBs, then all the sudden he goes to Auburn. I wonder why that happened? Kids these daze . . .

      Besides an offer is not the same as recruiting. Offers are plentiful and cheap.

      • Ben Factor

        I agree about skipping years.

        I’m less sure about doubling up in any given year, although I can see the argument for that, depending on the specific prospects. What did baffle me was offering pfd. walk-on status to a QB whose name I don’t recall–one week after Darnold committed. Is that going to help anything?

        I’m sure there will be QBs who are turned off by the multiplicity of offers, and by the depth of older talent still waiting to play. Does that make it a worse strategy than some other strategy? It would be interesting hear what coaches say about that.