Juju Smith Officially A Starter


 Michael Owen Baker/Los Angeles Daily News

In a major shock, Juju Smith is now No. 1 at wide receiver on the new USC depth chart. Ajene Harris, No. 1 last week at slotback, is now No. 3 behind Nelson Agholor and Adoree Jackson.

After watching yesterday’s game, you probably wonder why Smith was not No. 1 from the beginning? Because you are not a coach.

To see full depth chart, click on image after the jump.

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Sunday Night With Sarkisian, Pt. II


Steve Sarkisian said freshman wide receiver Ajene Harris played sparingly despite being a starter on the depth chart because during the week he decided to move Nelson Agholor inside to slot back and Juju Smith enjoyed strong practices late in the week.

Of course, Smith’s enjoyed strong practices since Day 1 at USC. He said Agholor grew fatigued during the game and he would need to monitor that. Sarkisian said he would also speak to linebacker Michael Hutchings about why he went to the ground after his interception, which was probably just a show of sportsmanship at the end of the game.

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Sunday Night With Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian spoke to the media tonight and said offensive lineman Aundrey Walker did not play against Fresno State because Walker did not feel like he was ready to go. It obviously seems like Walker’s not exactly transitioning well in addition to recovering from last year’s fractured ankle.

Regarding Adoree Jackson, Sarkisian said the high-profile freshman played 13 snaps on offense and he would like to see him play 15-20 plays in games moving forward. As expected, walk-on Teddy Baker is switching to tight end. Sarkisian said he would consider moving other players to tight end.

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Adoree Jackson Grades Himself

Adoree Jackson gave himself a C grade, based primarily on his defensive play.

“There are things I could do better,” he said.

Juju Smith took exception to getting called for two holding penalties, saying the second infraction was not a penalty. But at least that gives the coaches something to complain about.

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Lower The Volume

If you were at the Coliseum yesterday, it seemed like the sound system got turned up higher than ever. Whether it was the ads, the music or the pre-game show, everything was loud. Even the band seems louder with all those speakers facing the crowd.

The worst part is when the music gets blasted right before the other team snaps the ball. It ruins the natural atmosphere from being at a college football game.

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Is USC Still A Clown College?


Football games overshadow everything else. Josh Shaw dominated the headlines the entire week but today all anyone really wants to talk about is a big victory over Fresno State. Even ESPN.

Instead of calling it a clown college, ESPN will now focus on promoting the USC-Stanford game on ABC. And this is where Steve Sarkisian is savvy. He gently deals with the media and makes the players feel good. Those things were missing most of the previous four years.

Like I say often, if you stay out of the way coaching at USC, you are automatically going to experience some success.

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USC Tight End Randall Telfer Critical Of Anthony Brown

USC tight end Randall Telfer labeled former tailback Anthony Brown’s charges that Coach Steve Sarkisian is racist as “absurd” Saturday night after the Trojans routed Fresno State.

“It’s a little disheartening Anthony reacted like that,” Telfer said. “I think it’s absurd and outlandish. I think he was just frustrated with his situation.”

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USC Morning Buzz: Freshmen Make Mark In Opener


Michael Owen Baker/Los Angeles Daily News

Here is my analysis of USC’s victory over Fresno State:

“(Juju) Smith finished with a team-high 123 yards receiving and it is difficult to say any other receiver at USC is better than him. That’s a bold statement when USC featured junior Nelson Agholor, who made some preseason All-American teams but it is also true.”
Full analysis after jump.

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