Aramis Dandoy In Color


Here’s Aramis Dandoy (27) dropping back to pass in the 1953 Rose Bowl. Remember, in the next season, he led USC in rushing, total offense, scoring, punt returns, kickoff returns and interceptions. If that happened today, another Heisman Trophy would be coming to Heritage Hall.

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  • john wolcott

    I note that the posts regarding old-time, all-time SC footballers does not generate many comments.

    But mention the Trojans’ shoes or helmets, and everybody comes out of the woodwork with their sharp opinions

    What’s up with that?

    • rusoviet

      Well for USC fans the 50’s (1950-59) were an empty decade – only three
      victories over Notre Dame – all at the Coliseum none at So. Bend-IN. and
      only two against UCLA – there is nothing to remember save ineptitude –
      McKay was when the resurrection began having been dormant for over 20 years dating back to Howard Jones.

  • Helen

    Seven straight posts without a mention of today’s team – and summer training starts tomorrow.

    • Fred

      and Helen continues her streak of posting on a blog she hates, yeah that makes perfect sense

      • Helen

        Go back under your rock in Irvine.

  • wolfman, QUITE HONESTLY, I’m surprised Southern Cal hasn’t gone back in history and self-awarded Heismans they felt they SHOULD HAVE won just like they do with mythical Nattys!!!



    • TrojanFamily

      If anyone knows about mythical it’s you.


      • Ask Nubs how mythical the Cadre is…..


        • TrojanFamily

          Cliven Bucket.


          • Hi, Cheap Lies.

            You are nice.

            I ate toast with grape jam for breakfast. It was good.


          • Sally Cushing

            Socks wet?

          • Yes, but I was nowhere near Westwood.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    My first Rose Bowl,and first win for PCC over the Big 10;I don’t think there was another one until 1960-61…UCLA DID NOT WIN ONE in the 50’s…Washington’s one eyed q/b led huskies to two,over Wisc and Minn.
    .ARAMIS DANDOY…what a name for a great player…thanks for the memory

    • lenlen

      And his backup was a kid named Arnett

      • Yale O. Leftwich

        yes…Jaguar John, from Manual Arts High…his brother Bob played too…