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USC had 15 players selected in the 1953 NFL Draft led by halfback Al Carmichael, the No. 7 pick overall of the Green Bay Packers.

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  • rusoviet

    Problem is/was that the NFL, until 1961, was a monopoly – they swallowed the SF 49ers’, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Colts from the upstart AAFC to prevent what the American league successfully did to the National League in MLB back in 1900 – they consumed them.

    By 1961 there were 15 NFL, and their sweetheart deal with CBS, but that was because of the new miscreant AFL who had snagged a contract with NBC.

    An honest appraisal of professional football doesn’t care about the ‘famous’ NFL CG of 1958 (Y.A. Titile and the NY Giants vs. Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts) because (once again Angelinos) it’s always the Woody Allen contempt for LA ‘…we are naw yawk..” Kind of like does anyone care this evening that BOS and NYY are playinjg each otha’ at Fenway? I don’t and you shouldn’t –

    In summary sooo USC got 15 in the 1953 NFL draft – for me and all longtime USC fans it’s the 1968 draft – five in the first round – (NFL) Rossovich – PIT, Young – PHI, Yary – MIN and McCullough – DET and AFL Battle – NYJ,…

    The end of that year (1968) would usher in ‘parity’ with the NFL in SB III under Joe Namath and the NYJ over Unitas and the Colts.

    Bluntly the NFL assumed ‘gravitas’ in the 1950’s but had none until the 1970’s.

    Troy receives…Troy disposes….save Notre Dame the all rest are detritus and they all know it….if they don’t then may the good Lord help them…all power to the soviets!

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      And Commie298 you’re still full of it. I mean if you”re going do a Historian trip, kindly get it correct.

      In the 1958 NFL chamionship game, the Giants started Don Heinrich and then inserted Charly Connerly at QB. Y. A. Title was still with the Niner’s. The Giant acquired Title for the 1959 season due to obvious NY QB issues.

      In Super Bowl III, Baltimore started Earl Morrell, and near the end of the 3rd quarter inserted the still injured Unitas. I saw the game and the Jets could have won the game w/o Namath. The Jets won because of the superior strength of its offensive line and Matt Snell’s power running. Matt Snell mugged the Colts.

      • Tom Oday

        ruso & owns=a great comedy team. Titile or Title? 1958 or 1959?? Y. A. Tittle traded to Giants in August of 1961???

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          See, facts matter.

          • Tom Oday

            They didn’t have “fantasy football” back then… but if you want to dream…the Giants should have acquired Tittle in 1958. Who’s on first?

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Timmy, Tommy Oday’s mealy mouth. “Chances are” doth not a wish make. Fastasy Football – LOL.

            Can’t wait for some more of Timmy, Tommy’s SUCC FB fantasies.

  • TrojanLights

    That was a monumental 1958 NFL Championship game. A game that made the NFL a must see on TV event. I still remember seeing it as a kid.

    Back in those days there were very few games on TV. One would only catch the Rams road games on TV. The Sundays they were at home one could not get a Live TV game on the tube. I remember CBS showing replays of other NFL teams from the prior week on those Sundays.

    Still great to know we had 15 guys drafted in 1953. Thanks for the pictures from years gone by Scott. Great to see.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Al Carmichael,made such an impression on me as a 9 yr old,to this day he is still my favorite all time trojan;even over Frank Gifford…all the players on that team played off/def…15 is an entire team on the field both ways…I know others see it different…I don’t…it was a great team…I still remember the names(players and coaches) from that team still to this day and it warms my heart…I think Al Carmichael also caught the first AFL td pass…maybe Denver???