Does Everyone Know The Playbook?

0409_SPO_LDN-L-USC-PRACTICE-MBUSC’s no-huddle offense means less time between plays, which also means less time to ask someone else what to do on the play. Coach Steve Sarkisian said it quickly becomes apparent who doesn’t know the plays.

“It is glaring when you don’t know the play,” he said.

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  • UCLA owns LA Football

    How Sark expects to integrate a brand new offense, using a no huddle style, in under a complete season is stretching FB credulity.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      The voice might of changed, but the breath still smells the same

  • CowaBUNGA, DUDE!!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      What shade of white is that?

  • Trogan Fan

    So much for all that tradition you SC fans love so much. But I guess if you can’t beat ’em anymore you might as well join ’em.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      What’s a Trogan?

      • Trogan Fan

        I wouldn’t expect a SLO alum to understand. Bandwagon on!

        • Jack B

          Go little gutties.

          Underachieve On!

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Washington St. 10 – SUCC 7. SUCC overachieves again.

          • Jack B

            USC’s record against WSU is 58-9-4. Sorry you’re so bitter. Not really. It cracks me up!


          • B.Miller

            you can not use history or facts, when arguing with bRUINS.. They only thing UCLA football started 2 years ago..

  • Ben Factor

    I remember reading that one pro coach gave the QBs written tests about various defensive strategies, the blocking schemes that the offense would be employing, and where the rush pressure would likely come from.

    I wonder if Sark does that?

    When installing a new scheme or even new terminology about a familiar scheme, written tests to all position groups would seem sensible.

    I wish Scott would make a few calls to ask whether it’s done, and if not, why the coaches don’t think it’s needed or worthwhile.

  • Ben Dover

    The comment section of this area has as much UCLA fans as USC fans. You’re obsessed with us. Its funny.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      As are many Rah-Rah SUCCster’s such as yourself.

    • timtrojan

      This is nothing new. Ucla has always been the little sister trying to make something of herself. Her obsession with her older brother is not very healthy.

    • Independent_George

      Has always been that way, ever since Wolf started the blog.

      it’s because, win or lose, LA is all about USC Football.

    • Jack B

      Many little gutties have a huge dosage of bitterness and hatred towards USC. It’s phenomenal that we have affected their lives so adversely. Hang around here for awhile and you’ll be stunned at their commitment to Scottie and the Troll platform. Very weird. You’ll see.