USC Freshmen Question

Which of the incoming freshmen is most important at the outset of the season? Toa Lobendahn? Damien Mama? Viane Talamaivao? Adoree Jackson? Juju Smith?

I’d argue it is an offensive lineman because of the holes that currently exist with two positions basically open as camp starts.

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  • Trogan Fan

    I hope nobody is depending on Mama to ever matter. Guy’s a few lbs short of a whale at this point.

    • Jack B

      I hope nobody is depending on the little gutties to win a simple conference championship. But if you’re looking for a bridesmaid, the bruins are always good for that.

    • sas

      I think he could be a dominant force on the line. but I agree with you he is far from game shape. if he doesn’t slim down and play well this year it could get worse if he leaves on a Mormon mission. I hope he works hard and proves he can compete with Rogers, Walker, etc.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Am I reading you correctly sas -D. Mama is going to quit eating and drop in excess of sixty (60) lbs.during SUCC’s pre-season camp, absorb a new, no huddle offense from scratch, start and finish the season as a 1st team O-guard, and then take off a year for his Mormon mission? Ridiculous SUCC Rah-Rah!

        • TrojanFamily

          If you actually read posts rather than just respond, I think you’d find he agrees with you.

          1. He said he thinks a Mama is “far from game shape.”

          2. He said “it could get worse if he leaves on a Mormon mission”

          3. He said “I hope he works hard and competes”

          4. And while he suggested “he could be a dominant force on the line” he qualified this endorsement with the caveat of not being in shape and being worried about taking time off for his mission.

          Your postings would improve if you read the entire post rather than the first sentence.

          I’m just trying to help you.

          You’re welcome.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            The question is Butt Inski, can D. Mama do all of the things my thread mentions during the 2014 SUCC season. My conclusion still stands, whether you read English, or have sas’s permission to exploit his thread for your arrogant purpose.

          • B.Miller

            No need to explain to these Lames.. They come to this site to run their mouths.. Just ignore them

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Tell gotroy to come up for some air

    • B.Miller

      I couldnt name one guy on the bRUIN O line.. But I could care less too.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Thanks for your keen insight, Captain Obvious……

  • Marv Elapes

    AJ is the game changer of the bunch, seems like an easy choice to me.

  • steveg

    The linemen are the most important at the beginning of the season.

    • Ben Factor

      Well, it’s tough to play much at OL as a freshman.

      At the start of the season, there MAY be one opening. I don’t expect Walker to just lay down in his NFL-prep year, so I think he’ll start at RG. So, before injuries occur, i.e, at the beginning of the season, there is room for one freshman…at LG, and then only if Simmons isn’t healthy.

      So where will all the freshman OL impact be, at least to start the year?

      On the other hand, it’s documented that WRs can well play right away. And USC has Ajax, Smith, and the surprise guy, Harris. On the other hand, if Mitchell is ready, and if Farmer surprises us by staying healthy, I don’t know if any freshmen will play there either.