• Helen

    Nothing new.

  • Quite Honestly, wolfman, this nothing short of a virtuoso performance!!! NO ONE knows this team like you!!!

    You really keyed in on the O-line concerns, and the fact everything is riding on a QB who has not responded well to pressure!!

    Wolfman you know I love you like a BROTHER, but you ignored a huge pressing question!!! How will the loss of NUBSIE affect the Dummies??? Who will emerge as the new leader??? The bitter old Helen, the mentally challenged T-Fail? The Racist Cheap Lies?? Who??

    • Helen

      Chuckie: you really need to retire and get a life.

      • Violet

        Based on his past comments, I think this is his retirement.
        So we may have to wait for him to REALLY retire…then, it’s on to the infernal regions for Bucket.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    John 3.3?

    • Helen

      I think that is a secret code to the DN minions to begin posting. Looks like Bucket was the only one that has read the story.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Excluding this comment, there are 6 comments (one deleted) and three of the remaining five belong to Helen. It appears Helen you’re the one needing to get a life.