Greatest Team Of Them All?


This picture is from the 1973 Rose Bowl, a 42-17 USC victory over Ohio State. The Trojans went 12-0 and were the first team named No. 1 on every ballot in the coaches’ and media polls. That’s quarterback Mike Rae handing off to running back Sam Cunningham and offensive tackle Pete Adams blocking above.

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  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a brother, but we BOTH know the CADRE is the greatest team of all time.



    • TrojanFamily


      • Ask Nubs how imaginary my friends are!



        • Independent_George

          Nubsie is SCFTBL1. He is also Iron Mike when Wolf does the live chats.

          • hmmm, i doubt it. Nubsie was apparently so petrified that his secret life would be revealed, he would NEVER DARE return!!!

            i mean, for that pig-eyed racist to suddenly back down from and run from the Cadre like a coward??? says a lot about his potential exposure!!!


          • UCLA Bleauz

            Secret life?…. you’re one to talk…..

          • B.Miller

            How many time are you going to comment on one post?

          • Independent_George

            Since you have been on this blog since the beginning of sanctions, you know that one of NOBS’s most consistent rants, other than the occasional race-baiting, was his unqualified love for Garrett and is unremitting hatred for Haden. NOBS consistently screamed over the past four years that major USC athletic programs (football, baseball, men’s and women’s b-ball) were worse under Haden than under Garrett, ignoring a fact that under Garrett, USC football and men’s basketball were sanctioned, Garrett fired Gillespie and hired Chad Kreuter, Garrett hired Kevin McNeil and Lane Kiffin and Michael Cooper.

            And in every single one of Scott’s live chats, SCFTBL1 and Iron Mike says the same thing: USC’s major athletic program’s are worse under Haden than under Garrett. It is about all they say.

            NOBS is SCFTBL1 and Iron Mike.

          • maybe there is something to this……

            Memo to betomas: i want EVERYTHING you have on this guy SCFTBL1!! i want to know what toothpaste he uses, what he eats for breakfast, the NAME of his paperboy!!!

            Thai, we may need to get betomas some back up….what assets do we have in Newport Beach right now?

            let’s move!!! i need you to WORK THE PROBLEM, people!!! GO! GO! GO!!!

          • Independent_George

            Note that “Iron Mike” is commented about “Mike Rae’s Caddy.” NOBS posted the same thing a few years ago during the disastrous 2012 football season.

            I suspect that NOBS was probably a former/retired athletic department staff member, or a old-timey booster-type who had access and perks under the Garrett regime and lost said access and perks under the new regime.

        • TrojanFamily



    • Jethro G Sabbath

      How can one person be a team?

      • maybe you and a few others should start a Bucket Obsession support group….this blog is about Southern Cal and the wolfman’s expert reportage!! it’s not about Bucket.


  • john wolcott

    Wouldn’t you just love to meet this tiny Bucket in a dark alley and have at it for about 5 minutes. Actually, 30 seconds is probably all you would need to pulverize this little punk, but I add on the extra minutes for simply the pure pleasure of the legal assault

    Notwithstanding that aside, I still take umbrage with the idea that a team from 40 years ago could go at it toe-to-toe with today’s football specimens. SC of 2003 or 2004; Alabama in the 2010s? I doubt it. That said, the ’72 team was pure pleasure.

    • OH MY!!! How FEROCIOUS you sound!!

      Even though I’m only 4’10”, If cornered, I would kick you in the crotch so many times, you’ll be BEGGING for a punch in the face-lift!!

      Lucky for you, I’m a LOVER not a fighter!! But MAN, I’m really in your HEAD, huh gramps?? seems like you can’t stop THINKING about me!!



      • UCLA Bleauz

        To be more specific, you’re a crotch lover…..

      • WEB_Dupree

        If LJ wants to take you into an alley and have at it, he should at least buy you a drink first.

        • don’t laugh ….once LJ declared he had a dream that he beat up Bucket while Bucket was dressed up like a woman!!

          you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to recognize the rather deviant subconscious desires that conjured that one up!!


    Where’s Mike Rae’s caddy…on the bench!

  • john wolcott

    Hey Ugly Bucket, ageism is right up there with racial prejudice. I suppose you are into that too

    Yeah, you are into Trojans’ heads, much as a swarm of flies buzzing around one’s face.

    And I’d say that several thousand anti-SC comments over the years constitutes SC really being in your head.

    • i guess then you could say nails are in a hammer’s head, because it pounds them all day.

      lets just see how long you can go without thinking about me,



      • Jethro G Sabbath

        You are not a hammer but you definitely are a tool.

        • that’s verbal abuse……the Flag is UP!!!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Am I allowed to say you are thin-skinned and a tattle tale?

          • careful….i’ll let that one go….for old times sake.

    • B.Miller

      Al ot of these Clowns.. Live and Breathe USC Football.. To many of them.. F UCLA Football just started 2 years ago..

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    That may have been the best…I am still biased for the ’52 team and playing all 60 mins on both sides of the line;Mike Rae was such a good q/b in both high school and at USC…I still don’t know why he did not make it in NFL…he seemed to be at least as capable as Haden was,who had some success.